Miscellaneous Rumbles

Gretschitis, Hit hard now.


Um, no, Bob --- it's a 12 STRING program. And it's no help at all!

– Parabar

Parabar, glad you left that "Secured" tag on that guitar. You might otherwise forget that fact and try to reposition the bridge when you change strings.


I took the picture right after I got the guitar home. The "Secured" tag is no longer on the guitar --- as everyone will see at the RoundUp this weekend. And I haven't had to change strings yet, so no issues on that count. Plus my brain cells still work pretty well, so any attempt by me to reposition a secured bridge on a 12-string while changing strings would be prima facie evidence (ooo, legal terminology!) of premature Alzheimer's onset (or maybe something worse).


They are guilty! Naughty little wooden minxes....


The only thing that cured me was to buy another guitar


From Vegas? Everything is far! I really wish i could attend,


Sometimes surrender can be so sweet. Gorgeous guitars, Mark.

my GAS is raging this year. I finished restoring my old Chicago Victorian after 20 years and have been celebrating with some indulging.
No regrets yet. I feel my priorities are in order and the extra income has been there, so 'why not?' YOLO

.. on that note, I have found a good deal on a minty 2009 g6122 -'59 Country Gent. It's being shipped to my local GC to be picked up this week.
It's more than I've ever spent on a guitar, the most well-crafted among the ones I own, even my '57 Jet reissue.

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