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Gretsch Show Up In Random Places (Pizza Video!)


Watching a video on Scott Weiner's pizza tour and randomly they are leaving Keste Pizza in NYC and out of the blue I see a Double Cutaway White Falcon in the window of a music store next door.

See about at 04:09


That was Matt Umanov’s store on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. He first opened in 1965 and closed the store for good in 2017. I bought my first Martin from them. It was a great place.


There's Gretsches in the music store, the focal point of the movie Angels & Ornaments.


Matt Umanov's. I used to stop in there at least 15x/year......even more in the years I worked in Manhattan while living in Hoboken. Here's a picture from May 2015. I almost got the green Duo Jet that day and there was a great deal on it.....less than $1,800 if I remember correctly but my wife got the final word.


Here’s a shot of the front.

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