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Gretsch in TX


Hey everyone, this is my first time initiating a thread, I just got sent down to San Marcos/New Braunfels TX for the next 2 months :| Any cool guitar/gretsch stuff down here?

Signed, A long way from home


Well, I never heard of anything interesting happening in Sam Marcos, but San Antonio has just about everything.



Lotsa great music in Austin (Momo's, Antone's, Saxon Pub and many, many others), Gruene (Gruene Hall) (right near NB) and even in San Antonio (Floores Country Store, Sam's Burger Joint) or head on up to Luckenbach (only about an hour from you).

Check out Redbone Guitar on McCullogh in San Antonio. They have posted here in the past and held a in store promom with Joe Carducci about 3 years ago.

They are a small independent boutique guitar shop. Probably about 30 minutes down I35.

There is a guitar shop in NB, but I can't remember the name and a GC and Sam Ash (which is surprisingly good) in San Antonio. Also some shops in Austin, but I have not visited any. Big Jim in Austin may chime in here and give some thoughts as well.

Finally, you could go to Fuller's Vintage Guitars in Houston, but that is like a three hour drive.


I've played Sam's Burger Joint. Tasty burgers there. You could get fat playing that place. Lots of live music action in that area. If you go to Hogwild Records, Tapes and CDs you will be able to find what bands are playing where in SA.


In Austin Liberty Lunch is a great place, and of course you have 6th Street, which has clubs playing every style of music every weekend. The Austin Opera House has a lot of stuff going on, too. Played that place a few times.


I just got the Jam Base app (available for Android and Iphone). Great app that lets you find live music based on Zip Code, City, State, etc... Also let's you track bands and their appearances.

My new favorite app.


San Marcos, a university town that was a big party school. Can't imagine that's changed. Nothing wrong with SM. As for San Antonio, it has some nice points but it ain't no Austin!


There are some great shops in Austin. Guitar Resurrection has a lot of vintage. Some are a little pricey, so watch out. Also some great ampage related stuff in Austin. Check out Austin Ampworks, for one.

In San Antonio, checkout GuitarTex and Spacetone Music and Krazy Kats.


As Spartanman already posted, Redbone is a Gretsch dealer, right across the Street from GuitarTex.


All in Austin:

Austin Vintage Guitars has a crazy selection of vintage amplifiers, as well as a small selection of vintage and new/used Gretsch guitars. I bought my 6120 there. They have their own line of handwired amps called Fulton Webb. I bought one of their 2x12 cabinets.

Ray Hennings Heart of Texas Music is just around the corner, and is worth stopping by to see if they have anything cool, maybe a Gretsch or two. I bought my silverface Twin Reverb there.

South Austin Music and Musicmakers are also nearby. I've seen some cool things in both stores, and the people seem nice, but I've never bought anything there.

Guitar Resurrection has new Gretsches, new Rickenbackers, and a lot of boutiquey (Dr Z, /13, 3 Monkeys, etc.) amps. Almost bought an old Ampeg amp and vintage Fender Duosonic there.

A new shop called Austin Guitar House has an impressive collection of high dollar boutique guitars, amps, and accessories (things you never see, like Suhr, Carol Ann, Two Rock, Lava Cables...), in a very art-gallery feeling room.

Austin Amplifier on North Loop is a great place. I used to live just down the street. The guys in there are fun to talk to, and they can fix damn near anything. I think they also have their own line of handwired amp models.

Austin Bazaar is a relatively new place, seems to deal mostly with wholesale mail order stuff. But they've got a "showroom" with a decent selection of new Fenders, Orange amps, acoustic guitars, maybe a Gretsch or two.


razzer... I don't disagree -- Austin and San Antonio are definitely two different towns and will each give you a a different vibe and atmosphere.

My very limited experience with Guitar Tex was not positive. Pompous, patronizing ass working there when I took my 5120 for a set-up and intonation right after I got my Tru-Arc. The guy said something to the effect of, "All you Gretsch guys want a bar bridge, but you'll never get them intonated."

Thanks... See ya!

Redbone are good guys tho. If you want a good luthier and / or set-up, go to Acosta Music on the west side. Acosta Music has been in business since the 1920's.




Sorry about your experience with GuitarTex. Maybe you hit him on an off day. My dealings with have been great. I've bought a Lace bass from them and they have worked on both my Gretsches. If you really want ot see nice and expensive guitars, go to Home and Heart Acoustics in Boerne. They have some quite high end acoustics and also build their own. They have a guy doing inlay work that is really an artist in the truest sense of the word.

John Roadman, the luthier of luthiers is also in San Antonio

I am seriously thinking of trying to put together a South Texas Gretsch together.


If you made the 3 1/2 drive to Houston.. Fullers is the place to go. I love that place.


Hey man, Otter is right about the area here, altho' I'd like to add Strait Music as a great music store(s) tho not Gretschy, but everything else including Steinway, clarinets and nice. Guitar Rez is hi-gross city. S. Austin Music is my fave for small, eclectic yet quality service and a quick workbench to squeeze you in when in need. Spartanman is on target with Redbone, fer sure, too. Clubs like Lib. Lunch and Opera house done been shut down for many a year now! Let's talk about beer. Gonna be in Conroe this wknd, Forwardlook77, and oughtta jet on down to check out Fuller's for the first time, but will be swimmin' with bowllegged women.


Good call on Strait music. I've never been there but I've heard good things. They're the only store in Austin that stocks Hammond organ oil.


Also, I'd be totally down for a south Texas roundup


Well I'm only good enough to play cowboy chord, pluck and strums in 4/4 time, but I would be up for a South / Central Texas Gretsch Roundup. I know there is a very strong Texas Gretsch contingent here on the GDP.

JB you must be near me, cuz I took lessons from Chaney at HHA in Boerne for about 9 months until just about a year ago. You are right, they have beautiful acoutics there and they don't care if you sit and noodle, but I get the sense that they don't haggle much on price.

Another place I'd look at if you are really, really serious about learning music and learning western swing in particular is Bulverde Academy of Music in Bulverde off of Hwy. 46.

I was gonna mention Fuller's in Houston, but that is a long drive, just to kick the tires. However, if you got money in your pocket and they have what you want in stock (like a white Billy-Bo 8-)), Then from what I have heard, it is probably worth the drive.

To the OP... sorry this thread has derailed a little, but I think you'll find that by and large Texans are a laid back (at least in Central, Hill Country and South Texas), very friendly and welcoming kinda people. You may never want to leave!8-)


To the OP... sorry this thread has derailed a little, but I think you'll find that by and large Texans are a laid back (at least in Central, Hill Country and South Texas), very friendly and welcoming kinda people. You may never want to leave!>

Yep. And the only thing we like as much as music is food. If you want to open a can of worms, start a "Where to eat in Texas thread".



:D :D :D :D :D

Yep. And the only thing we like as much as music is food. If you want to open a can of worms, start a "Where to eat in Texas thread".

Now you've gone and laid down the Gaunlet!:D


For the low end side of life the Bass Emporium is full of good people and they do carry at least one 4003 Ric and some additional off the road makes and models. www.bassemporium.com And, as Otter mentioned Austin Amplifier being the amp knowledge apex in these parts, they also usually have something on the barbie Saturdays and will give you a rib just for chatting.


Man, I really want to move back to TX. As a kid, we lived in SA for a while. By Dad even bought a little ranch outside New Braunfels which he later sold. I went to college in Denton, met my wife in Denison (up near the Red River), we lived in Dallas for about 20 years.

In Dallas I used to go to Zoo Music, Charlies Guitars. I bought a bunch of synths from a shop in Addison long out of business but can't remember the name.


OK, now that we got the Texas chapter going on this thread, What things would make a great South Texas Gretsch Roundup? Music and players, of course. Food, of course. There would need to be something to attract the Chet platers and the Rockabilly's. I'm sure I could get some drummers and bass players to show up for fill-ins.

I'm in the hotel business,so I know how to run an event, but I've never been to a round up. What kind of stuff goes on and how do they flow? Do you try to get sponsors? Have some sale and trade tables?

I live in Schertz, a burb of SA, so I think we could draw some south Austin folks as well as SA. I've got my eye on a nice sized venue that the rent shouldn;t be too steep on.

I'd just like to see a bunch of people playing and maybe learn something.

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