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All Those Life Events.


Pft. Some may say, where does the time go. Let me tell you I haven't wasted a single moment. It's been wicked busy life for me these last few weeks and while I haven't been able to get on to do much more than the odd birthday wishes, much typing has trampled my keyboard.

Up date, We Won! I guess that isn't very surprising to most of you, but it sure was good to open that letter up and read the final decision. In the good form displayed by those mentors here I look up to, I shall go about my business in the silent acknowledgment that justice often finds a way to level things out.

Next up, I think I mentioned I am a grandpa X 2. Leia makes for the set of Luke and Leia. I know man. She is lovely and this weekend I get to meet her for the very first time. My son's family hit's town Friday and we're going to have a nice night out, dinner and the old man is going to have some fun with the grandkids!

But wait that not all! Those kids aren't here just to see good ol' gramps.

I am happy to say my youngest is getting married this weekend. Ariel and Ryan are going to tie the knot and so it's going to be quite a whirlwind over the next few days. They are awesome and while I was a little sceptical at first, come on Dads, you know what I mean, Ryan won me over and I think this guy is a good guy. Together they really balance each other. That's a very good thing in a relationship.

I guess about as far away from traditional as you can get, they have their own plans for the wedding and all they need from me is money and if I could just pick up a few things...

All you guys who have been down this road before, I love the laugh you just let out. Man do I get it. Still it's my baby girl and so what she wants I will find.

But I want to share with you that stubborn streak I have and how it's manifesting in all of this. "Untraditional" is a bit key as they don't much care for the regular things that most people will take for granted at a wedding. It's not my call so shut up and pay the bills. But, I will wear my traditional Highland dress and Ross colours in formal Kilt. As is my prerogative as Father Of The Bride, the honour of "First Speech" falls to me and there is no argument. And so it is I get to put in my two cents and some considerable dollars for the rest of it.

Crafting the words has been every bit as difficult as writing lyrics. While I have been on a bit of a jag, this has posed quite a hill to climb. While I do get to take liberty, my daughter is fierce and will take no "guff" so adding the pressure of a wedding atop of that mountain, one must know where to step.

I shall update should I live through the experience.

Lastly, we've been building a new show that has one third cover tunes in medley form, and the rest originals broken into three sets. We've got an hour that is cut down making up a combination of surf, Pink Floyd and a few country folk tunes. We also have a few poems that help fill between sets that we do these odd puppet shows. Some Rudyard Kipling and Lewis Carroll. Shocking how much a couple of my band members just ran with this.

So in an effort to make the brand more visible I've brought us all out for a few busking shows in preparation for the PanAm Games and ParaPan Games that are about to commence in Toronto.

Though not all that surprising to me at least. we can knock out and pretty solid acoustic set. So it got me to thinking, since I have the gear for the most part, I want to take a few weeks over the last half of the Summer and do what I call our Camp Fire Tour.

I have a portable 24 track studio and a small budget, I think I could produce a rather good cd of songs recorded live, literally around the campfire, with the band in various locations in Ontario and Quebec.

The girls trust me enough to follow me on such a crazy endeavour but should I?

Of course there is at the moment lots on my plate and I am racing a bit, but then "strike while the iron is hot" yes?



Busy much? Congrats on the baby and the marriage. Only you would know when you've taken on too much. Don't forget to catch a breath now and then.


Wow. Good stuff. Yes make the cd I want one. Congrats.


The girls trust you so that should tell you a lot right there. But.....I'd let a bit of the current hecticness pass you by before getting too busy with this recording project. Just a bit of time is all I'm talking about so you all can re-group and devote the required time to this next endeavour. This short delay will pay huge dividends in the long run.

And congrats on winning the 'garage-gate' case I knew you had them by the short 'n curlies and the judgement would go your way.

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