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Gretsch Family Archives Auction - March 26 and March 27, 2021


Most curious. Proceeds to the family charity though, so it may simply be downsizing.


Net online bidder's "buyers premium" of 28%, and the auction catalog itself is a (very nice) hardback book priced at $100.

These Hollywood auctions are too rich for my blood, but I certainly hope it gets a bunch of $$ to the Gretsch Foundation, which is Dinah's baby, and has extensive music programs for kids.


This auction is now open for early bids. The live auction takes place on 3/26 and 3/27, but now they have all the items available for review and early bids up at Julien's auction site.

I don't plan on buying anything, as the auction terms are too steep for me (25% buyers premium + 3% for electronic payment transactions, and arrange your own shipping), but there are some very interesting items-- including what few factory items were left over from the Brooklyn and Booneville operations-- odd tools, forms, dies, templates, etc. There's also LOTS of pre-FMIC prototype guitars-- some of which never made it to production. A good number of FMIC axes and a good assortment of Bigsby items as well, plus drums... lots of drums. Pretty interesting to look at anyway.

You can look at it all here-- 21 pages of stuff, 994 individual auction lots in all...including "twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was" (kidding about that last part-- thanks, Arlo). However, the listing also includes the Hal Zwicke stuff, which has been rolled into the same auction.

The most important thing to remember is that all proceeds from the Gretsch Family auction go directly to the Gretsch Foundation which is Fred & Dinah's non-profit for fostering music education programs for kids, among other worthy causes.




Some nice stuff there but, even if Officer Obie himself produced some 8x10’s, it gets kinda expensive given the fees even if though it is for a good cause. I also like the PT109 Cruiser.

Semi-related: Did anyone ever find out if that was Fred’s desk from our New Years thread?


interesting that those Bigsby prototypes are still around...i remember them for sale in the store in Savannah (or wherever the heck it was) back when i was first on here.

also interesting to see the variety of different things that have been called a Silver Jet over the years.


This little item would have certainly come in handy at the Booneville AR plant back in the '70's... on at least two occasions.



Hal had a lot of gear, does he match Walter Becker?



Hal had a lot of gear, does he match Walter Becker?


– Twangmeisternyc

I'm still waiting for the day that the apocryphal Neil Young Fender Tweed Deluxe amp collection goes up for sale... it's been rumored for years that he has a warehouse full of 'em.


If you are seeking Wilburys or Bigsby, lots of choices.

Some of the more collectible pieces are intriguing..the Bigsby Saleman case being one of them. I would think the FMIC folks are bidding on that one.

Everything else, you need to put hands and eyes on...


A couple of the most interesting items that I see are the Gretsch "D'Angelico" guitars. I'm sure they were never meant to be production models, and are likely a one-offs.



And then, there is Paul Bigsby's original pickup winder-- which has a pretty high starting bid.



You're right Rob, those "D'Angelicos" do look interesting. I wonder who/ how / when they were made.

The '65 Supro also looks interesting.

And hey, anyone need a pedal steel machine?



Interesting cutaway. I've got to say it's really wonderful to see so many prototypes and one offs, as well as so many left-handed Bigsby Guitars.



Interesting cutaway. I've got to say it's really wonderful to see so many prototypes and one offs, as well as so many left-handed Bigsby Guitars.

– Mr Tubs

There are definitely some "red-headed step-children" in the bunch for sure!


Those D'angelico's caught my eye as well.

Didn't know that an acoustic Bo Diddly existed and he has 2.

Why are there faux penguins?

So many things that I want and the only thing I can find on Hal Zwicke is that he was a member here. Does anyone know what the association with him and the Gretsch Family is? Just curious.


The Merle Travis Bigsby replica is pretty cool.


if i was funded, i'd go after the Gretsch pedal steel. the start bid is quite low, and it looks to have as many pedals as someone could possibly use.


If you love projects, this auction is for you.

I remember working out for the Walter Becker Julian's auction that there are hidden fees and it's not very remote buyer friendly--even though now I expect that they won't even be able to have the sale except online. I'll have to try to find my old research.


It would be cool to see T.K. Smith end up with the pickup winder and put it to use.


Looks like they will ship, but it’s hard to figure out costs. They will automatically calculate shipping on invoice, but I would prefer to know before bidding! Anyone know what ballpark pricing would be for an electric within the US?


god...anywhere from <$100 to the sky's the limit, and i'd expect pricey options at least.


Still curious about Hal Zwicke. Anyone?

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