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Greatest Television Show Theme Ever!


Lx, the miniature visual effects on the Anderson shows are still a major influence. Derek Meddings and Reg Hill are held in the same respect as Grady Martin and Earl Palmer are in rock 'n' roll music- pioneers whose work stands up to the closest scrutiny and continues to inspire.

Tony B, some great suggestions from you. Those el-cheapo espionage and adventure series from the sixties and early seventies had some exquisite music and an enduring naive enthusiasm for locations, fashion and aspirational lifestyles.

Sascha, you're going to have to forgive me, but I'd never heard of FleischKlops Unt Spaghetti. "Whaaat!!!, you don't know about Fleischklops Unt Spaghetti!", you reply. Then I think, automatically, of this-

This is my backwards way of asking for more animation shows from you.


Hi Ade. 'Meatball & Spaghetti' was a U.S. series from 1982/83 by Fred Silverman and Jerry Eisenberg. It first ran on CBS. I have no idea if those guys were well-known and if the series was successful. I only know I loved it.

The plot is as simple as it's cool. It's about a 4-piece rock band (with a dog on drums) touring the country and undergoing several adventures. At the end of every episode runs a new full song.

Now that I write this I'll have to look up if it's available on DVD.


You want to join the band,

Without opposable thumbs?

For what you lack in hands,

Hound, you're playing drums.



We have said for years if our Bichon had thumbs she could do anything!

Her "people" are her thumbs.


Ren & Stimpy Show


Hawaii 5-0

Third Rock From the Sun

The Munsters

The Addams Family.

If I missed the theme to any of these shows, that episode was less than what it would've been had I heard it.

– crowbone

Same for me... Surfy and delicious (except addams)


King of the Hill.

Addams Family---best harpsichord tune ever.


Further harpsichord consideration-

British 'Danger Man' 1964-1966 viewers enjoyed this classy Edwin Astley theme rather than the Johnny Rivers song. Astley also wrote The Saint theme and much of the atmospheric incidental stings and spots for The Champions, Department S and Randall and Hopkirk, Deceased.

The first series of Danger Man from 1961 used this theme, which might be even better. Danger Man, so overlooked today, is in a league of its own compared with much of the espionage fare of the day. It stands up incredibly well.


Malcom in the middle

Rescue Me

The Sopranos


And I'll have to add The Wire - Season 1


What, only one mention for the Simpsons ? Danny Gatton nailed that one with his cover.


No love for the kids in the hall?


Pick a Rockford files: The first one with the synth lead, the second one with the bendy 70's guitar solo, or the last one with the marchig drum beat.


This is The One, Billy. The harmonica bit was always my favourite section. The guitar is lovely too. I cheat and pick the full-length single because I'm greedy for all the goodness.


Lots of great themes posted.
Mine is the first few seasons of Southpark. It was played by Primus.


The lead guitar in "Green Acres." Grady Martin? HiLotron equipped guitar through a '70's Super Fuzz box will get you there.


I thought the guitarist on "Green Acres" was Tommy Tedesco.


Television's most recorded guitarist! Tommy Tedesco did a lecture at the University of Arkansas back in the early '80s. I loved his demo of how many sounds you can get out of a banjo. He even played "Sakura" making his Gibson Mastertone sound like a samisen.


Thanks for the Vic Mizzy story, Deed. I'd recently gotten all the "Addams Family" on DVD and remembered he'd done the "Green Acres" theme too. His is one of those names you remember as a kid, like "Irving Szathmary" from the "Get Smart" theme (who is actually '60's comedian Bill Dana's brother). And Vic Flick. Only somebody with that name could do the James Bond theme.


I always like the theme to Simon & Simon!

– farmerbrown

Farmer, just my thought. They had two. The first was a Jimmy Buffet type of song and the second more of a rocker. I prefer the rockin theme. They also had nice slide guitar in their music during scenes.


I thought the guitarist on "Green Acres" was Tommy Tedesco.

– duojet55

Love that one. That Telecaster buzz saw sound!


I guess I like schmaltzy themes. Poirot and Inspector Morse both have fine, instrumental themes that I can listen to over and over.

Star Trek Next Generation is a good one, too. I've played an arrangement of it for the postlude at church several times.


Just 3 words: Victory at Sea


"Victory At Sea" was my Dad's favorite theme. He loved the rolling waves at the beginning of the intro. 20 years as a Navy Chief.

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