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Greatest Television Show Theme Ever!


My vote goes to the theme from the CBS-TV series "Perry Mason". It was penned by Fred Steiner (original title "Park Avenue Beat") and was featured on the opening and closing of the series' entire run from 1957 to 1966. It was even my youngest daughter's favorite song when she was two. I never tire of hearing it!


My votes would go to:

  • Peter Gunn
  • Barney Miller
  • Night Court
  • Mission Impossible ( the first TV show theme in 5/4 time)

My fav is WKRP. Also love Barney Miller and Seinfeld.


Maybe not the best, but my most memorable.

•Hawaii 5-O •Get Smart •Twilight Zone •All In The Family •I Love Lucy


Rockford Files is way up there for me.




Oh, definitely Batman. Good call.


I liked the theme from a short-lived series the early '80s, Wizards and Warriors

Hill Street Blues

Rockford Files


And a kind of obscure one sung by Herb Pedersen:

Richie Brockelman, Private Eye

And how can you leave out M.A.S. H.

Admittedly with some of these, it is the memory of the show that makes me like the theme music.


Ren & Stimpy Show


Hawaii 5-0

Third Rock From the Sun

The Munsters

The Addams Family.

If I missed the theme to any of these shows, that episode was less than what it would've been had I heard it.


Ja'net Dubois can darn sing!! The opener is good, but this ones got the "feel". Almost churchy... KnowhatImean?


Easily my best of all time is Jonny Quest. I do like Barney Miller, too,Bob.Edit-shame on me for forgetting Mission:Impossible.


Ron Grainer 'The Prisoner'. Hypnotic twin guitar interplay, insistent response from the biting brass all held together with the pulse of the conga. Wonderfully evocative, mysterious and direct-

Good as the Batman music is, there's a serious consideration that Billy May's bold orchestrations for 'Green Hornet' thoroughly swat the bat from his hanging perch. String bass doubled with tic-tac enhance the power and drive, foreshadowing Lalo Schifrin's similarly blues-nuanced big band spots used to great effect on 'Bullitt' for the big screen two years later-

Finally, any of Barry Gray's effervescent themes for Century 21. Soaring orchestrations sumptuously envelop crisp melodies. What could be sweeter than the end credits for Joe 90?-


The Monkees theme for the win!


I agree with both of Threadkiller's! The Jeffersons and Sanford and Son take the prize for me!


That Jefferson's theme is mighty fine. Scorching vocal.

Another contender for maximal vocal commitment has to be the hair-rock theme for 80s animation M.A.S.K. It's become something of an ironic rock classic-


At one time I used to play this line over blues changes, always loved it.


Addams Family

SpongeBob SquarePants---duets with my grandson

Lone Ranger---Hi-yo Silver!


The Avengers:

Route 66:

Jeannie, Samantha, Morticia, Agent 99, and the lovely Mrs. Peel were some of my favorite television women.


How 'bout "The PInk Panther"? Yes, it was a TV series (not the greatest one), but it did air the iconic Mancini theme, so it's #1 on my list.

Other contenders: Jeopardy (come on, you heard it in your mind just now, didn't you?), the original b&w Munsters theme (sharper, louder and less "cartoony"), and finally, "Nadia's Theme" from the Young and the Restless.

(and of course whileI devised my little list, someone else mentioned "The Avengers"...sigh)

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