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Greatest electric and acoustic you’ve ever played?


the best electric i ever played was a no-name Les Paul copy with Schaller humbuckers in the early 70s. it made me sound like Mick Taylor and Jerry Garcia having a knifefight out in the alleyway. there's no acoustic that really stands out in my mind.


This Hodson 503 is the best sounding acoustic I have and the most lurid electric too.

It takes a real man to play it. I'm not that man, but I really do try!

The guitar I can actually play ok is a Telecaster.

Some lovely instruments here. Great photos of Paulo's fingerstyle speciality models. I imagine the Resonator might also be a great fingerstyle instrument with focused, middle-emphasised tone.

– ade

Grazie Ade, DeLVecchio on single line is unbeatable, both in volume and tone !!!

And together with these obviously I don't neglect her either:


I don't play too many acoustic guitars mainly because most of them don't really do much for me. And I've played some pretty pricey acoustics! The best one by far for me was a Santa Cruz 0-size - it was a 12-fretter with a slotted headstock and wide neck, short scale. Tiny guitar, big neck, huge sound! Not so much a jingle-jangle like a Martin - more of a Telecaster through plexi! Amazing guitar with way more personality than any Martin I've played.

And I think my reissue Gibson ES-225 may be the best electric. Although I got a Gibson '59 RI Les Paul this year and it is really getting to me - it sounds better each time I play it and it plays better than any guitar I have had. My two Gretsches are close but the two Gibsons are sublime.

I've played a few '59 Les Paul Juniors which are incredible guitars too.


Acoustic would be a Martin J40 black.

Electric ,well that's more difficult,56 6120 was lovely and my fav guitar,but the 1959 Super 400CES-N was unreal,as was 52 ES295,blonde 1950 ES 5, blonde 56 ES 5 Switchmaster and blonde 57 ES350T,just like Chuck's!

But wait,there was also the 1950 Broadcaster,51 Nocaster ,52 and 55 Telecasters !

Ok ,i know ya want me to pick one electric,ok then,the 1959 Super 400CES-N,an unreal guitar that i wasn't worthy of.

– JCHiggy

Just to clarify ,i don't own any of these guitars,they belonged to a friend.

I do own 57 6120 that's pretty cool though.


Best electric & acoustic I've played was a Gibson CF100E.

– Billy Zoom

Okay, now that was unexpected.


It took me years to play a Stratocaster that I liked, so my 2017 HSS Fender American Elite Stratocaster took me quite by surprise. It's now my all time favorite electric guitar to play. They're pricey, double that of the American Standard Stratocaster, but are IMO, at least twice the guitar (it depends on what you want out of your Strat). It's the compound neck and fretboard radius that make this model great. The 5 way X2 selector switch is definitely nice, for the 5 additional tone selections.

I bought a new Seagull (Godin Instruments) acoustic guitar, a few years ago. It's very loud and rich, it took me by surprise as well. It has the added advantage of the Godin QT1 pickup system. The guitar was designed to be played acoustically, unlike some of the acoustic guitars out there, that have built in pickups (eg. many Taylor thin body acoustics), that seem to be lacking in the tone department, when played unplugged.


2017 American Elite Stratocaster


2015 Seagull M6-CW Sunburst w/TRIC case.


Un-cased. These have Cherry back and sides, and a Spruce top.


nice sunburst, particularly in the second shot where the dimmer light doesn't wash out the gradient so much.


The electrics that made the biggest impression on me are my own old Guild Manhattan, a late friend's 56 goldtop, and another friend's 56 Gibson ES175.

Acoustics...a dealer friend had an old gibson J-185 that I still think about sometimes, twenty years later.

Amps - a killer late 50's tweed Super that was a studio owner's, and a harp player friend's incredibly clean 1960 tweed bassman.


The closest thing to a acoustic, that I've played, would be my Taylor T5z. The electric would be a 1955 Les Paul Custom that I found hanging in a pawn shop around 1966. It has the speed frets and a neck profile unlike any LP that I've played since. I got it for $250, and it might be the best deal of my life. For reference, a new LP in 69 sold for $325.


Any number of Martin and Martinesque dreadnaughts stand out for me. A 1936 D-18 owned by a friend comes to mind, as well as another friend’s ‘48 D-28. My regular fiddler has ‘56 D-28 that checks every box. My own HD-28 is pretty loud, but among newer dreads individual Collings and Huss & Daltons stand out as not just loud, but very refined and precise.

Electrics are mostly all OK for me as long as they are well set up and not pointy.


My 5420 hardly qualifies as a “great” guitar but I’ve owned a few guitars in my 57 years on this planet and it’s the most inspiring guitar I’ve ever owned. I’ve upgraded the Bigsby, bridge and pickups and play it most every night. It’s made me a better guitar player and helped me move out of my usual routine.


My favorite Acoustic was a 1966 Guild F47, light as a feather, it had that early loud Dylanesque sound to it and really inspired me as a player. It’s in Switzerland these days.

For an Electric I’d have to say my 71 Country Gent, hands down the best sounding electric I’ve owned.

I also have an old Telecaster that I’m fond of as well.


Much to my surprise, the best I've played arrived on my doorstep direct from Rickenbacker a year ago. Unfortunately, it was ordered for a good friend but I had it for a few wonderful weeks.


Acoustic: I had the opportunity to try a mid 90's Martin D-45. Lay down the adjectives, but it just sounded great to me. Electric: Epiphone Elitist Sheraton. It covers everything that I want it to do and it "fits" great.


For acoustics, both flat top & archtop, the guitars from Linda Manzer are the best made and sounding from any maker, both vintage and new. That's my opinion based on playing a few of hers at her studio, years ago. You need to do yourself a favor and play one some day.

BTW, I played an incredible pre-war D45 at the CAAS years ago and Linda's are still better.

For electrics, my '72 Super Chet checks all the boxes: perfect neck profile - taken down from the baseball bat to match the thin C-shape of my '98 Gibson Gent - flatter fingerboard, 1.8" wide neck, 24.6" scale and great tone (original built Ray Butts pups). Playing either guitar through an Executive doesn't hurt either.


Much to my surprise, the best I've played arrived on my doorstep direct from Rickenbacker a year ago. Unfortunately, it was ordered for a good friend but I had it for a few wonderful weeks.

– Yavapai

Man,that's gorgeous!


Much to my surprise, the best I've played arrived on my doorstep direct from Rickenbacker a year ago. Unfortunately, it was ordered for a good friend but I had it for a few wonderful weeks.

– Yavapai

And it has the right number of strings. Gotta love the German carve and checkerboard binding.


I agree about the German hand carve top and back and checkerboard binding but that's just the "icing on the cake." The guitar just fitted my hands like a great pair of gloves and sounded so crisp and clear.

I like Rics but if you really like 'em then this 381V69 model is the one. Stereo outputs too.


I always have a hard time with anything “greatest.” I have a short list of favorites. My SSLVO and Country Club are my electric guitars that I feel most at one with. My new Benedetto Bravo Deluxe and my Tennessee Rose are close seconds. The more I think, I want to add others to the list. I’ll stop thinking.

For acoustics, I of course love my Rancher. It has the best neck and feel of any acoustic I’ve ever played. I did play a vintage J-45 at GC in Nashville several years ago that probably had the best sound of any acoustic I’ve ever played. The top appeared to be ultra thin, which contributed to that nice sound. Seemed like the guitar might be quite delicate. I’ll also add the Benedetto to the acoustic side. Playability and acoustic sound for a laminated archtop is unreal. This guitar sounds better acoustically than many solid top archtops that I’ve played.

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