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Greatest electric and acoustic you’ve ever played?


For me this is hard, but easy: tie on the electrics as this goes to a vintage 6120 (don't remember the year), a vintage goldtop with P90s and a Gibson deluxe from the early 70s. Don't remember the years, but wow.

The best acoustics were a D28 from the 50s (I think) that I played at a bluegrass festival and actually a herringbone D28 reissue with a great soft v neck.

Incredible, really.



Greatest acoustic is that little Gibson that Curt owns. I think with a neck reset my Dad’s 51 Martin O18 will steal that spot (when I was a kid, before it got abused, it was amazing)

Greatest electric was my brother Ray’s ‘63ish Telecaster. It was stolen out of his car around 1980. My partscaster that Josh built is as good or maybe better though. Wish I could do a side-by-side.


The best acoustic is my Gibson J-200. Can’t get enough.

The best electric seems to depend on my mood, but the Country Club I sold to Tubwompus would be hard to beat. Right now, my best one is my Silver Sparkle Dyna Jet. One of the best feeling electric guitars was the Tele that NJBob got for his brother Ray’s birthday a few years ago. Or maybe it was Redrocker’s vintage 6120 I tried that same day in Nashville.


Acoustic? My Guild D-35. It's not the easiest guitar I've ever played, but what a sound! Better than any Martin of Gibson I've ever played.

For an electric, I'm happy with my 3140 Historic. I know that there are better guitars, but it gives me the sounds I've always heard in my head.


Best acoustic, for my way of playing, is my 1960 Gibson J-50

Best electric...hmmm....humbucker? My old Ric with actual Gibson PAFs in there.

Triple pickup? 1973 SG Custom...amazing.

Single coil solid body? My 1968 Tele Spank a delic.

Hollow body? 1957 Streamliner Beautiful tone from that Dyna.


Best acoustic? My '46 D-28,obtained from an ex-brother in law when he got behind on his child support.Best electric? A 3 way tossup between my '59 6120(long-gone),early Sixties ES345 TDSV(gone longer),and '64 sunburst Strat.Still have that last one.


Great question.

Acoustic: Martin D-28. A salesman in a music store once said to me, "You don't ever want to play a $3,000 Martin." Well, I didn't heed his advice, picked up the Martin...and now I know why he said that to me, I WANT THAT GUITAR!

Electric: my 1990 Stratocaster. That Strat is the most incredible guitar ever made. It must have been some super secret prototype that accidentally was sent out to a store.


Acoustic would be a Martin J40 black.

Electric ,well that's more difficult,56 6120 was lovely and my fav guitar,but the 1959 Super 400CES-N was unreal,as was 52 ES295,blonde 1950 ES 5, blonde 56 ES 5 Switchmaster and blonde 57 ES350T,just like Chuck's!

But wait,there was also the 1950 Broadcaster,51 Nocaster ,52 and 55 Telecasters !

Ok ,i know ya want me to pick one electric,ok then,the 1959 Super 400CES-N,an unreal guitar that i wasn't worthy of.


Best acoustic? An Orpheum Imperator C, 1935, built to rival the Gibsons of the day and it did! Second best a Gibson l75. Best electric? My 1958 6120 hands down.


Lot of votes for Martin acoustics.

Makes me feel good about the world!



Best acoustic ever is my 47' J45. Also my 43' SJ. Tone is pretty darn sweet.

The J45 has beautifully scalloped braces. Small rectangle bridge. Oh my its magic.

Electric--55' 6120 from the Eddie batch. After Curt reset the neck it became a "I cant quit you babe" guitar. I can see how Eddie was so damn good on his.


I played a 1938 Recording King Ray Whitely the other day that was easily the best acoustic guitar I've personally played - wish I'd had 9 g's one me. Electrics are a bit tougher, as there is an amp and effects to consider as well. For me, 17" laminated Gibson P90 archtops are the best - 300,350, ES5 ca. 47-57.


Best electric & acoustic I've played was a Gibson CF100E.


As far as acoustics go......haven't had that many. I'm really loving my '16 Gibson J29. Plays great (24 3/4" scale really helps w/ my small hands) and sounds glorious. Electrics.....I'm going to have to give that a little more thought.


I’m a bit fickle, but best electric - Gretsch 6122-1959 although it’s not my most played guitar. There’s just something special about it.

My acoustic experience is extremely limited. I’ll duck and say it’s my daughter’s acoustic White Falcon. Great neck. She prefers her Fender CD 60 SCE. It’s pretty good for the money. Best acoustic I heard but never played would be Martin’s Roger McGuinn seven string (double G) model.


Greatest Electric: Hollow Body - my Epiphone Elitist Broadway
Greatest Electric: Solid Body - Either a Yamaha SG3000 or Ibanez Artist, both of which I played in stores quite a few years ago, but couldn't afford
Greatest Electric: Semi-Hollow - A Yamaha SA-2000 I played in a store a few years ago, but couldn't justify, since I own several semi-hollows that are almost as good
Greatest Electric: 12 String - my Gretsch G5422-12. Seriously, after playing this for a few months, I have very little Rickenbacker GAS left.

Greatest Acoustic: Nylon Strings - my Takamine ES132SC
Greatest Acoustic: Steel Strings - a friend's Guild jumbo I played some years back --- don't remember the model
Greatest Acoustic: 12 String - another Guild belonging to a friend, don't think I ever knew the model


Electric - my 6118T Player’s Edition.

Acoustic - my Maton SRS-70C.


So many people here rate their personal guitars as the best they’ve played. That’s great. Means a lotta content people ...


This Hodson 503 is the best sounding acoustic I have and the most lurid electric too.

It takes a real man to play it. I'm not that man, but I really do try!

The guitar I can actually play ok is a Telecaster.

Some lovely instruments here. Great photos of Paulo's fingerstyle speciality models. I imagine the Resonator might also be a great fingerstyle instrument with focused, middle-emphasised tone.


Wow--wild looking guitar.



Actually, my M75T sounded awesome in church today, if I may say so myself!


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