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Great Video For You Martial Arts Guys


Very good video explained by Laido expert DLR. He does a good job of demonstrating and explaining what it is.


I thought "oh jeez... here we go... I'm sure it'll be full of his normal schtick..."

BUT NO. That was quite good. VERY good, actually. I'm no expert, I only dabble with Iaido, but I have studied it, and I also do QiGong and TaiChi, and that was a very well-made "explanation" video. Thanks for posting it!


I’ve got about eight years of practice swinging a bōkken as part of an aikido lineage that retains a good deal of weapons work. His form is quite good; for all the DLR schtick, he has obviously studied seriously. Some of his Japanese history is, shall we say, overly romanticized, but then again that’s practically a cottage industry in the martial arts. His control of that boat oar looking oak practice sword is impressive. For those not in the loop, those are basically never used in paired practice. They’re the sword work equivalent of weight lifting. The static weight is not much, but the the effect of the leveraged weight once you get it swinging is challenging! You take a dozen swings in succession with one of those and you’re sweating!


Yes he’s very serious about this so I can see why during his demonstration he doesn’t mess around or joke around. He also for a time was an EMT in NYC too between music projects. I’m sure on responses to calls he was as professional as Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto. You have to be. But anything else he’s a jokester.


It's good to see him outside of singing because he's unbearable now.

I knew he was always into martial arts, and hope he can continue this, as it's good for everyone involved.

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