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Good Guitar Podcast?


Can anybody recommend a good guitar podcast? I tried a couple but haven't found one that I like. My morning commute is about 30 minutes, so that's a nice length.


I've been listening to Guitar Wank, but it's not great.

No Idle Frets was ok, not great. I think they just repeat old shows now.


I listen to ‘Walking the Floor with Chris Shiflett.’ Not really much guitar discussion, but for music artists, it is a great introduction for me to some unknown artists.


I really like 60 cycle hum. For gear and guitar talk. Guitar neards is great also for gear talk. Enjoy


Joe Carducci and Fred Gretsch are mentioned on this week's Guitar Wank podcast.

It's the second part of an interview with a guy from Fender, who I think manages to say the myth that Fender owns Gretsch at one point. It's an ok interview overall, aside from that, and that it gets sidetracked talking about one host's sponsor. They talk a bit about the structure of Fender which was interesting.

I would rather have heard more about the guy himself and his careers and less about Fender products.

The one host said for weeks he was going to ask some tough question or other, but I don't think I've heard it. Maybe there's a third part.

The other host doesn't say much after he asks a few times if some company had built certain archtops for Fender. I think the host must have known something and either the guest wasn't clear about that or he felt the guest was snowing about it.


Probably not really a podcast but I frequently watch Premier Guitar's Rig Rundown while on the treadmill in the morning.


The Flo Guitar Enthusiasts is a couple years old but their podcasts are excellent. The Elliot Easton and Andy Babiuk alone are treasures.

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