Miscellaneous Rumbles

good coffee this mornin’


woke up and had a cup of coffee and hit a few notes. feels really nice. A couple of my guitars have been in limbo getting some fixes and adjustments and it feels really good to have the rack full of amazing guitars again.

(I was down to one for a month or so!!!)


I'm drinking some good coffee now while waiting for an oil change. I look forward to coming to the Galpin dealership to get my car worked on because they have one of the best restaurants called The Horseless Carriage. Nobody would ever suspect a car dealership's restaurant to beat out every other restaurant in the Los Angeles area which is known for fine eating establishments. Go figure. Your guitars look cool.


It's really weird where you find the best food. I was riding my harley through backroads in North Carolina and stopped at a gas station and needed to eat and the attendant told me their in-house restaurant was great, called "Mom's" or something else insanely simple.

Had a whole southern breakfast and it was amazing.


I'd rather eat at a basic diner than most four star restaurants. Finding an open eatery at 3AM after a gig is very important. Places called "Food" or "Eat" are sometimes the best. I found a family owned place here in town called "Triple XXX" forty years ago. It's been featured on Guy Fieri's show and other places. The name comes from the brand of root beer, not from the topless waitresses (thankfully). Even tho there's a college a couple of blocks away, it's more often frequented by local working stiffs. It used to be open 24 hours a day till drunken college students ruined that by rioting.

Stopped at a place called "Mom's Home Cooking". I asked the guy behind the counter where Mom was. He said, "She's home cooking."

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