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Good cheap guitar for traveling?


I'm going to be traveling a lot this summer and don't want to take any of my guitars. I don't like the small size travel guitars, I just want a normal acoustic. Something cheap that I don't mind leaving in hotel room or a hot car. Preferably, I'd like to stay under $300. It doesn't have to sound incredible, but I want it to play relatively easily. Any suggestions?


Check out a Jim Dandy for a parlor size instrument. A Washburn would do as well, as would many others. Otherwise, I'd hit pawn shops or GC and see what they had on hand. You might have to hunt a bit, but, you could find a real surprise. I found an Epi flattop for $50 at a pawnshop that's become my most used guitar---I don't worry about it at all, and it's the only one I leave out of it's case (due to kids and critters) close at hand. Plays nicely as well. Doesn't sound like my Guild D-35, but I don't expect it to---different ballparks. As you're hauling it around in the car a lot, a good case or sturdy bag is a must. Also consider a thinline acoustic or a nylon string classical.


Gretsch Historic Series from the late '90's. Good sounding, well made and affordable. The modern Gretsch Roots series will fill your bill as well. My nephew is building trails in Yosemite and took his Jim Dandy with him. We'll see how it is when he finishes in October.


Fender CD 60 SCE. $250 at zzounds. My daughter has one and prefers it over her White Falcon Rancher. It’s really a decent guitar.


I've had an Amigo travel acoustic for 16 years that my wife bought me and take it everywhere. 24" scale. It was made in eastern Europe and I still see them come up new and used. Neck still straight as an arrow. I initially lowered the action by sanding the saddle a bit at that's all it has needed. Comes with a compact bag. Around $100-$150.


Ibanez Talman.

It sounds like crap, like any other tiny guitar. But at least it's full (24 3/4") scale, and it will fit in a Mono electric guitar gig bag. It plugs in, if that's a requirement, and you won't cry if the airline makes you stick it in cargo and it gets crushed. The gig bag, at least, will survive.

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