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Going to the Philadelphia Guitar Show Nov 2-3?


A few “optimistically “ priced Gretsch project guitars. They were asking $4000 for the Tenny.

– Baba Joe

This looks like a collection that were stripped and the parts sold off. These husks are unfortunately all that's left.

Thanks for all the great pics!


Additional information.

– Baba Joe

Picture position corrected for 1955 Silver Jet in post 21. Serial # 16637.


1959 Gent. $10,500.

– Baba Joe

Looks like I missed a Synchromatic in the background.


Thanks for the pics guys!

Oh how i still want a 55 6120,even though i have no such chance these days financially ,10.5K for the 59 Gent,i think if someone offered me that for mine i'd take it,well,if that was in Pounds Sterling!


Baba Joe- Thanks for taking on the photo assignment. I didn't take a one at the show..

Sorry I missed you, Curt, Senojnad. I was looking for you guys. Maybe you ran away when you saw me approaching. Ha! I did catch up with Crowbone , Alpep, Frequent Flyer, and Chet57. Great seeing you guys!

I ended up buying some acoustic strings and that was it.
Agreed that for the "Fall" show, it had only about the same number of vendors as the summer show. Not sure we'll see it any bigger going forward. The crowd was a pretty good size in the afternoon on Saturday.


Metman, you bought more than I did. I had to leave around 1:00. Sorry I missed you.

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