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Going to the Philadelphia Guitar Show Nov 2-3?


Anyone going? Frequent Flyer 909, 57 Chet and I hope to meet up at the usual time and place - alpep’s Lost Art Vintage Instruments - on Saturday at 11:00.


Baba, thanks for posting this. Shoot. I'm finding out I might have family obligation on Saturday now.. Will let you guys know.


I remember the early ones over 25 years ago. Get pix of any Bikini double necks?


Thanks for posting Baba Joe, I am tempted, gotta check my weekend schedule.


I hope to be there Sat. morning, but won't know until later this week.


I'm not there until about 1 pm.

I'll be looking for a bunch of you, if you'll be there. Paul, Goldy, Matt, Joe...all you lot. Those that have my number, ring me.


I plan to be there tomorrow (Sat.) morning.

Sorry to be late in responding -- there were some "issues" which have been resolved.

Looking forward to seeing you at alpep's booth at 11AM.


Just purely out of curiosity, I'd like to know if there are any vintage Gretsch acoustic archtops at the show and what they're asking for them.


Getting a reprieve tomorrow. Hoping to be at the show on Crowbone time.. about 1pm. Will look for you cats.


Change of plan.

Due to other things popping up, I'll be there closer to 10 AM, unless traffic is a nightmare.

It's raining on the Schuylkill Expressway, so it's almost guaranteed getting there is going to suck hind teet.


Hey John- Looks pretty clear out this way so you should be okay as you get closer to Oaks. Hopefully you'll still be hanging out by the time I get there. Haven't seen you in awhile..!


Just purely out of curiosity, I'd like to know if there are any vintage Gretsch acoustic archtops at the show and what they're asking for them.

– Windsordave

I saw NO Gretsch acoustics -- archtops or otherwise.

It was a fairly "lean" show....... Not a lot of high-interest pieces.


PHOTOS......... There were fewer exhibitors than in previous November shows. This one looked more like this year's summer show.

The morning crowd was pretty thin too. Previous Fall shows have had long lines to get in and VERY crowded aisles..... This photo was taken at 11:45 AM...

The crowd did start to pick up in early afternoon.......


Of the Gretsch pieces I found 3 1955 models that were of real interest. Unfotunately, some SERIOUS cash was required.......

This 1955 6120 Chet Atkins (SN 16512) and the '55 Sparkle Jet (could not find SN) next to it looked to be in excellent shape. Both offered by Southside Guitars, Brooklyn, NY.


Here is the Silver Jet:


....And a '55 Roundup (could not find SN) priced at $9500 (down from $14,500).


GDPers were represented -- Baba Joe, Crowbone, Curt Wilson and of course Alpep. I think I also spotted Frequent Flyer 909 but did not get a chance to say "Hi".


I also saw 57 Chet and Uncle Don. UD had a nice limited edition black 6120 he wants to sell. He may post it here.


55 silver jet at Southside Guitars.


Additional information.


One vintage Gretsch acoustic. $950. 3 Guys Guitars, Wilmington DE.


A few “optimistically “ priced Gretsch project guitars.


A few “optimistically “ priced Gretsch project guitars. They were asking $4000 for the Tenny.

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