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Going to Hamburg: Where are the old Beatles haunts?


I'll be there the week of May 13th (on business), and appreciate any suggestion on cool places to go in the evening..especially Beatles related.



Been to Germany, always wanted to go to Hamburg since I saw Backbeat. :D

Anyway, read this article, gives lots of insight into the Beatles hangouts then and what they've become now.



There's not so much left of the ol' good Hamburg days. But the Beatles Museum that opened only a few years ago will be worth a visit for sure. Here's the link to the English content of their website. You will find a lot there and it's a nice place to start. http://www.beatlemania-hamb...


I just found out that there is a "Magical history tour" every Friday at 8pm. Starts at the museum. It's a bus tour to Beatles related places with live music. Sounds nice. Prices are 31 Euros with ticket for the museum, 28 for the tour only.

http://www.beatlesbus.de/de... (German site)


MarkT - great article, though a little depressing that not much is left of the Beatle's actual venues.

Sacha - I'm sure to go to the museum, but am flying back on Thursday, so no bus or boat tour for me.

Stingker - The model Train/Plane layout is impressive, but at 5'5" tall (and shrinking), I've dealt with enough miniaturization in real life. ;-)

Looks like the Indra, Museum and the Cafe Moller are the options so far.


Bump for the night shift


You should stay a bit longer. May 24, Cousin Harley in Hamburg. :)


Beatlemania Museum is definitely worth a look. There is some cool stuff in there for sure!

Me and some mates when there all the way from Australia last year....

Just make sure you visit the Reeperbahn on a Friday or Saturday night- It will BLOW YOUR MIND!


Goes without saying the reeperbahn area, grosse freiheit where you'll find the Indra club, kaiserkeller, location of the star club , top ten, ....... Not all there now but just being in the area is cool. The police station on the corner is where George was taken. I stayed at the pacific hotel just across from the reeperbahn. The beatles stayed there I think on their last trip. Doesn't look like it's been updated since. Also make sure you check out where john's photo of him in the doorway on jager-passage wohlwillstrasse. It's a private residence and usually behind closed gate though.


Thanks all.

Yeah, Reeperbahn seems to be the place. I'm staying about a mile away.

I'm leaving for Hamburg today. Any other suggestions are appreciated.


Hey Bob...if you happen to arrive in Hamburg in time for Sunday morning the Fish Market at the harbor is amazing. It's a full on carnival atmosphere with all sorts of market traders, not just fish...although the food vendors with the fresh off the boat fish dishes are amazing.

Lots of bands and street performers too, and all of this starts at 5.00am every Sunday. I used to live in Hamburg and we'd often stay out all night in the bars and clubs on a Saturday and then hit the Fish Market on Sunday morning.

There's a great little bar right there at the docks, or there used to be anyway, called Berni Ficks. Have a few beers there and hit the market!


Hamburg is a great city and the people are very welcoming there. The Reeperbahn is a very interesting place. It is worth it to take a stroll down the Herbertstraße!


We r playing in hamburg on the 24 th. looks like we will just miss each other! Oops looks like Geoff beat me to it!


Paul, timing's a bitch.

Hope to catch you again stateside. Really enjoyed your perfomance and hanging out with you at Rocky's last summer.

Got here this morning just in time for an all day meeting, so no fish market. :(

I've got Monday and Wednesday nights free, so I'll start exploring then.

Thanks all for your suggestions.

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