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Gary Lambert


has passed away. Rockabilly pioneer, master fingerstyle player and one of the foremost at putting out that great Gretsch sound.


Bad news, I did not know Gary in person, but we often commented on each other's posts. We had similar musical tastes, Really sorry. Rest in peace Gary .......!


Sad day. Rest well sir.


One of the absolute giants among 'unknown' guitarists. Gary was Glen Glenn's lead guitarist on classic Rockabilly tracks "Everybody's Movin'" and "One Cup Of Coffee and a Cigarette". He was a good buddy of, and played with, Eddie Cochran and also recorded with Eddie's bass player Guybo Smith.

Gary is pictured here with a nifty '56 6121 with a Merle Travis arm on the B3. That's Glen Glenn to his right.

Here's one of many great tracks of Gary and Eddie that you can scout out on You Tube.


...and just for good measure. Glen and Gary in later life, still rockin' up a storm! RIP Gary.


loved his playing for years and years

Whats the deal with that 6121???? No inlay on the 1st fret--its a 53'

Any more photos of him with that guitar?


Hey Fred...I haven't found another photo with that particular 6121 but here's one of Gary with a Roundup.


...and his famous (at least in Rockabilly circles) Country Club that he ordered to replace the '55 6120 that he had on loan from the Bell Gardens Music Center. The self same 6120 that, allegedly, was then bought by his friend Eddie Cochran. Gary said this story was true...although Bobby Cochran doesn't think it was the same 6120. Anyhoo...he did have his Country Club, all fancied out with his name inlaid on the fretboard.


...and one more Gretsch pic, albeit with a lousy colour job on the photo. Here with a '56 6120.


Great photos -- thanks.

Now we need to find that 6121 somewhere...

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