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From guitar to Mandolin


The Eastman is a really good choice! Be happy, play it with joy!



While I’m in waiting for The mandolin I have been goofing around imagining playing some mandolin chords. I grabbed my wife’s right handed guitar and ignore the B and high E strings and bingo, it’s an overgrown mandolin practice platform. Mind you The the tone from low to high is all backwards but the notes are there.
One added fun fact: As a lefty people are always handing me a right handed guitar and asking me to play it. Well now I’ll be able to play a tune or two. It definitely has a strange but cool sound to it when I finger pick. I can honestly say some things sound really cool upside down.


This little red headed las has begun her journey home.


This little red headed las has begun her journey home.

– Hipbone

Nice! Didn't know you were a lefty...


Have fun with your new mandolin, Hipbone. Mine opened up a whole new world of music for me. I have great results with D'Addario EXP74 medium guage strings. A lot of the pros use them, and they last a long time. The medium guage gives way more volume than light guage, but are stiffer (but not a deal breaker). Eastman is making some fine mandolins, they are the bread and butter of "The Mandolin Store" in Suprise Arizona (my local mandolin shop), yours looks beautiful.

If you ever decide to electrify it, K&K internal pickups are probably the best out there. I have a Fishman Nashville Ebony Piezoelectric Bridge on mine, but I use a K&K belt clip pre-amp. It has volume, treble, mid, and bass controls, and really helps with dialing things in. Fishman pre-amps are also excellent. I'm excited for you, the mandolin journey is a lot of fun!

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