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Free Cassettes, Anyone?


I'm doing a little "pre spring cleaning" and came across a stash of cassettes I haven't listened to in ages. These were taped off vinyl LP's in order to listen to in my car and on portable cassette players while running or hiking.

All are on high quality TDK or Maxell cassettes. If you still have the technology and would like to have a few, send me an e-mail through the site and let me know which you'd like and where to send them. Please list your top four selections in order. If response is high, I'll send two to a person, first come first served. If response is low, I'll send more, and update the list of what's available here. If you've heard of some of these folks but never had a chance to check out their stuff, here's your chance.

1) Airto - I'm Fine, How Are You? and Touching You Touching Me
2) Sergio Mendes - Primal Roots (great album!) and Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66
3) Flora Purim and Airto - 90 minute compilation of tracks from various albums
4) Gary Burton Quartet Live at Carnegie Hall (with Larry Coryell, 1968) and the Bruce Forman Quartet - Full Circle
5) Milton Nascimento - Courage and Milton (A&M US release 1977)
6) Viva Santana - sides 1 through 4
7) Viva Santana - sides 5 & 6 and Santana - Spirits Dancing In The Flesh
8) Luis Gasca - For Those Who Chant (featuring Joe Henderson and most of Santana) and Collage
9) Al Jarreau - High Crimes and L Is For Lover
10) Pat Metheny - Pat Metheny Group and Watercolors
11) Boz Scaggs - Moments and Boz Scaggs & Band
12) Dead Can Dance - Toward The Within (Live) & other tracks
13) Sons of Champlin - The Sons (Blue Album) and Follow Your Heart
14) Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame and Birds of Fire

Get 'em 'till they're gone!


What is this cassette thing you talk of? It must be a new technology.


They're ancient archaeological artifacts.


No takers so far, so if anyone is interested, no limit on the number you can claim.


Kept my records, ditched the cassettes years ago. 8KHz top end (at best) was terrible. The only good aspects were that you could take them along in a car and they held up better than 8-track carts.

Nice that you're offering them up, tho.


I have a DCD CD, A Passage In Time.... awesome compilation album from them!

currently not setup any more for listening to cassettes tho....

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