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that's Great news, Holger ! very glad to hear that the operation was successful.


happy to hear the good news. all the best for you all!


Hi Daniel, it was her first experience with a bunch of musicians. But now, that she's bullet proofed in cause of the yearly Musikmesse in Frankfurt and our friends, we all met there at the TV JONES booth, she really gets tough and her english is much better than mine.

– Voodooholly

Ah, I'm glad to hear that. Of course she's also a bit older now, I'm sure that makes a difference. Has she started playing guitar yet? Does she also still draw?


We just came back from the house eyedoc.She was not amused.There's an inflammation in the eye right now with pus.I have to give her now every hour antibiothic eye drops.I'm more than angry, bout our health system.The bedtimes in Hospitals are reduced to the minimum and the housedocs and the patients have to live with the complications.The doc said, that they have must seen it in the clinic. I'm really unhappy for her right now and a little bit sad.


Infection is a risk with any surgery. I hope this is a temporary setback, & that she is soon well.


That' sucks. Praying for her recovery.


Phew voodoo. That is quite a rollercoaster ride concerning your daughter. My daughter wearing contactlenses had a infection once and it's nasty indeed. Hope she get's well soon.

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