Miscellaneous Rumbles

For Mr. Holly


It's been 60 years. rave On Buddy!


I was 16 "the day the music died" and remember it very well. I was playing in a garage band with a couple of buddies and we did a LOT of Buddy Holly and a few Richie Valens songs. We were stunned by the news and went through the kind of grief one might experience for a relative.


This day never goes by each year without me remembering Buddy, Ritchie and Jape. Like Eddie, never forgotten.


Ritchie Valens playing a ‘56 6120 in the movie “Go, Johnny Go!”.


I've always wondered what the music world would've been like had the accident not happened.


Got The Chirping Crickets playing as a type.


JCHiggy: first LP I ever bought. Took me months of saving up to buy it -- well, I was only 13.

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