Miscellaneous Rumbles

For Grumps…Gretsch Hat in Action!


I teased Grumps that a hat might inspire my wife to learn how to shovel...

We had about 6 inches before the drifting out front...some spots well over a foot. We face North, makes for a harder Winter....but we have a killer view of the Carson Spur/Sierra Nevada out the back.

Across the street it melts by 11am most storms.

Truckee got 18 inches+, friends at Donner Lake digging out.


Great photo! Smiling while shoveling- that's something you'll never see me doing.


Cool! Maybe cold would have been a better choice of words. Snow throwers work better.

I'm happy to see the hat being used.


I used our Cul-de-Sac Honda Snow Thrower first, she was the clean-up crew!

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