Miscellaneous Rumbles

For a 6118T, which color would you choose ?


Black, white, natural, Silver....any neutral color that can't clash with a shirt.

– Billy Zoom

I did a tour on the same bill as Desmond Dekker. Beautiful ska singer. First night, I'm watching his set and Stan the guitar player had on this wild shirt, all geometric azure, silver and lilac shapes, super vivid. The guitar top matched the shirt, perfectly. Couldn't believe it. Rushed to talk to him after the show, gushing about the shirt/guitar. He pointed to his guitar, now sat on a stand. It was clear perspex.

Speaking subjectively, as we all surely are, the Anniversary colour combo I really liked was the very short run of Reverse Duo Green. The top was dark, back and sides light.


lovin my 'lil Smoke green next to my Smoke Setzer, always will dig this two tone.

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