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For a 6118T, which color would you choose ?


1) Lotus Ivory

2) Smoke Green

I am pondering this very question for a player's edition, am struggling over the decision, and would kinda like to poll the "general opinion".

Thoughts welcome..


Smoke green and only smoke green for me. But I have mine (Annie Jr), so anyone else may do as he likes.


Smoke Green for me too. I've always wanted one, almost bought one from Joel at Shanghai years ago and then realized I didn't need it and only wanted it. I still want one. However lately I've been noticing and admiring the Falcon sounds I hear on recordings more than ever. Maybe I'm more of a 17", 25.5" scale length Gretsch guy if it's not a Jet. Country Club perhaps? Less bling.


Vote for the greenies -- old Annies were also sunburst which was a nice option.


I love my Smoke Green Annie. I'd love to have a Lotus Ivory one sitting right beside it. They're both GREAT colors that I prefer to the vintage Anniversary with original sunburst finish that I used to own.


I'm liking the Smoke Green as well! It's an interesting color, that I've not seen on any other guitar than a Gretsch Annie.


The Lotus Ivory is very cool but I still prefer the Smoke Green.


As a devoted traditionalist, I should be saying green and only green. But this isn't really a reissue, and the lotus ivory and metallic has traditional Gretsch roots, and is just a great look, so I'd say either works.


Smoke Green for me, but there is no bad choice here either way.


My view has always been Annies are smoke green or sunburst, there’s nothing else.

But that Lotus Ivory is such a killer colour combo if I were in the market for an Annie right now that’s what I’d choose.

How’s that for fence sitting?


Dont forget Bamboo Yellow and Copper Mist - G6118t-120.


Dont forget Bamboo Yellow and Copper Mist - G6118t-120.

– AndyJ

What he said.


Black, white, natural, Silver....any neutral color that can't clash with a shirt.


Black, white, natural, Silver....any neutral color that can't clash with a shirt.

– Billy Zoom

True but you could also wear a neutral color shirt so your guitar could pop.


Smoky Green for me. Any color other than the bland white. First Gretsch I ever played was a Smoky Green (double) Annie.


i generally love the color green, but Anniversary Green doesn't do it for me. i like the ivory, but i think i'd prefer sunburst to either.


I like them both but I have a smoke green Annie Jr, so I made that choice already.


The Anniversary Smoke Green may be my favorite Gretsch color, though I do like it when the apply the same saturation and value to other hues, like the baby blue Falcons we sometimes see. And my word, if they ever do a pale lavender Penguin I may just have to buy it.

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