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Foods You Liked as a Kid, but…


Mallo Cups. I still have my "coins" somewhere...


Being raised in an Hispanic Household in Texas, many things I ate as a kid horrify me now.

Mole.. I know people love it with their Chicken and such, but the cloying sticky sweet of chocolate and peanut butter to make it thick and tasty, repulses me now. I could eat a gallon when I was a kid.

Seso's, or Calf brains. Many a taco was consumed at wedding parties, church get togethers etc.. Again Horrifying to me now. Nopalitos, or basically Cactus hearts, not bad, but I just don't want to eat green anything in my eggs as is the custom.

ANY organ meats, Andrew Zimmern I ain't. Mexicans like liver, stomach, chicarones, menudo with tripe... uh... just no.



I didn't think I liked beef as a kid. Turns out my Mom just really overcooked really bad cuts. Grey, mealy and tough is what I thought a steak was until I was an adult.

She would serve "steaks" like that along side canned peas and a box of "potatoes au gratin" and wonder why I never ate much. If it was a fresh potato it was quartered, boiled and served with a dollop of Greggs margarine as the only seasoning

– fistpicker

I feel ya. I was a latchkey kid, both parents would arrive around dark and were exhausted many times. My mom's idea of a steak at home was to place a beautiful giant t-bone or even larger cut in a cake pan and cremate in the oven. Like a shingle.

My dad, bless his soul knew she was working as hard as he was and never complained. He would cut his portion and eat it as a sandwich..Me?? Maybe a small piece to not hurt her feelings and some vegi's. Perhaps why I cannot for love or money grill a proper steak to this day.


In a sense, an odd question to me in that I've always heard the question framed as "what foods as a kid wouldn't you touch that you eat as an adult?"

Anyway, the only thing I can't stomach is candy kisses. Terrible texture, like you're chewing on wax. But I stopped eating them as a kid after eating too many one Halloween when I was still young.

I think for a lot of folks, they may eat some veggies as an adult that they hated as a kid. My mom was stay-at-home as most were in the '50's/60's and a decent cook. No imagination just wholesome basic foods. I extend my sympathies to those whose mothers were terrible cooks and/or fixed hideous concoctions as daily fare!


Lord knows how much I worship my parents, and my Dad was/is very blue collar.

We lived in a small town in North Iowa, and I remember a couple of times coming home from school and there was a fur-stripped goat's head in the sink. I may have eaten a cheek when I was a kid, but no way now!

As for my mother, we had 3 meals a day, every day when I was growing up. If she had given me more "greens" maybe I'd be over 6 feet, but she didn't, and no way would I ever bash her cooking now, as an adult.



Interesting how often pizza has been mentioned. The Doc told me to stay away from garlic. Garlic?!?! Yeah, that's what the numbers said when the blood tests came back.

Man, you can't take me out to a good barbecue joint, or a nice Italian restaurant at all, at all. Used to love pizza. Not anymore.

And whoever heard of barbecue without garlic? Unthinkable!


Tang, Peanut butter + Jelly, Apple butter, Wonder Bread


Interesting how often pizza has been mentioned. The Doc told me to stay away from garlic. Garlic?!?! Yeah, that's what the numbers said when the blood tests came back.

Man, you can't take me out to a good barbecue joint, or a nice Italian restaurant at all, at all. Used to love pizza. Not anymore.

And whoever heard of barbecue without garlic? Unthinkable!

– Jim Krause

Get another doc!


I forgot about Tang.

I drank that stuff every single day growing up.

It saved me each time we visited my Grandmother down in Thorndale, Texas. She had well water, and I could not drink it. It was nothing like the water I drank in North Iowa. Tang saved me, but I don't drink it anymore. I probably could, but I haven't had it in a long time. I also loooooooooooooooooooooooooved orange Hi C from the 60s/70s, the big metal can!



Jim, the only reason I could see to stay away from garlic is if you’re taking blood thinners....


No garlic? That's Polish vanilla! We put it on ice cream. Horseradish is right behind it.

I never could eat raw onions or Brussels sprouts or slima beans. I pretty much avoid sweets now, aside from some dark chocolate.


Wedding Cake...

– PawnShopYamaha

And pretty much anything else that was served in your typical church basement wedding reception... Like little paper cups with a mixture of peanuts + hard little pastel mints, Red Tiki punch mixed with 7 Up, little Baloney strips and cream cheese wrapped around a little dill pickle hors d'ouerves, etc.

On the other hand, the typical 50s church basement wedding reception probably only cost around $30 bucks instead of $30 K!


Yep, Spam!

I ate that stuff up as a kid, but no more.

I can't stand swine, and I'm guessing Spam has lots'a swine.



Spam is all swine. It's really big in Hawaii. Spam is bad enough, but the government emergency ration version is even worse. I grew up in a Polish butcher shop. I've seen things that'd terrify people. I'll still happily eat kielbasa, but there are far worse things.

One of the worst things I ever ate was the USAF's version of thanksgiving dinner---turkey loaf. My dog would turn her nose up at it.


Lots of items here that I won't touch, but one that came to me was a dreadful Holloween staple....Candy Corn. That cloying slightly warm sugar taste mixed with god knows what was a no no for me from early childhood. When I got them in my holloween bag, out they went, on the lawn, in the street, no matter I hate them still...and since my lady is Hawaiian by birth, I have about 10 cans of spam in the cupboard. I won't touch a one...The worst are spam musube's, a strange block of rice with a slice of spam on top wrapped in nori seaweed... GACK!!!! It's a regular featured item at places like Zippy's, Hawaii's answer to Big Boy.


In a 360% situation, Phila had made me love grits, and I eat them most mornings now.

I really miss her cooking.


John I hear you about Phila. For me it has been milk, of course I feel better about that after I found out that there are no mammals that once weaned, drink any milk. Thin mints all GS cookies, peanuts. And BTW Spam probably was the meat staple for the Guys in WW2, not liking it puts you in great company!


"Kool-Aid", "Tang" (powdered version), Skim milk powder (as kids, we worked to make sure there were lumps of wet powder in the glass and eat 'em.)

There was also "Freshie" (I think that was the name). A little like colored, sweet Alka Seltzer in that you got a glass of water and dropped an effervescent tablet (usually red, but also yellow, orange, purple, and green) in to create a sweet drink that according to Mom was actually cheaper than Kool Aid because you did not need to add sugar, which 60's versions of Kool Aid insisted on. As I recall, the color was about the only difference between "flavors", but we survived, and each had our own favorite.

There was also a little banana-colored by the piece candy that tasted not at all like a banana. Actually found them again and tried one... BIG mistake! But i loved 'em as a seven year old.

Finally- there was almost any meat on our table. Dad, bless his heart, was a dyed-in-the-wool prairie kid and if there was any pink at all in the beef, it went back because it was raw. Steaks, well-done and then some. Roasts- the dark crackling on the ends usually extended in to the third or fourth slice!

I finally learned that meat doesn't have to be turned into leather to be good, and nowadays, the very thought of an overcooked steak bothers me.


Kevin, the drink tablets we had were "Fizzies." My Mom found out that my brother and I wouldn't touch powdered milk or instant mashed potatoes. They taste metallic to me---like a factory.

For those that like GS Thin Mints---they're the very same thing as Keebler Grasshoppers. At least you can get the Keeblers year around and cheaper.


I've always loved Kool-Aid, always have, always will...especially Green!

Sometimes I fill a glass and freeze it. Then I eat it later with a spoon as it slowly melts!


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