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First it was beer, now they’re meddling with my coffee…


Is this purely an Australia thing or has this madness spread worldwide? Here in my town it has become unfashionable to brew a dark roast coffee in any cafe. Oh no, now we have single origin light or medium roast beans for your (dis)pleasure. No dark roast for you so - that's so passé!

While I find it mildly interesting that the beautiful coffee beans from Kenya can be light-medium roasted to produce a mild, slightly sour tasting coffee with citrus overtones - lemony in this case - I don't want to have that as my only option. I want to tell the cafe fascists that yes that is interesting but gee, it tastes so much better when you roast them a little longer! Coffee should not taste sour. Nor should it taste like they didn't rinse the lemon dishwashing liquid out properly.

Even my favourite cafe has gone over to the light-medium side. Now I simply cannot find a place which makes decent full-flavoured, strong but not sour coffee. It was bad enough that many pubs here only serve 15 varieties of IPA. Now the fashionistas have ruined coffee as well.

Is it like this elsewhere?


Starbucks made a fortune on burning their coffee when roasting the beans.

I don't think that they've changed.


Sounds like fascism to me! To war!!!!


No, we still drink real coffee here in Amsterdam! Although I have to admit that nowadays it's served by men with beards and hair buns and covered with creamy unicorn decorations..... ; )


We're Dark Roast here, but we add Chicory. Try it sometime, great for the GI tract.

My Mom loved Kenya AA, getting her a bag for a Gift was always special, and pricey back in the day. Jamaica Blue Mountain is similar. Those two don't need to be roasted to death to have character. Both perfect for full-strength Chilled/Cream/Sugar, the Coffee Ice Cream flavor.

We prefer one notch before total burn out...Full City or Vienna, but we'll go Darker before Lighter.



Costa Rican beans do Dark Roast really well, less acid that most others...



I hear you. This sums up my sentiments on the beer. I feel the same on the coffee. Hopefully the video links.


Hey Crowbone, you've gotta share that McDonalds Coffe cup here.


No dark roast? Madness!

If Australia didn't have Steve Kilbey I'd have to write them off!


Crowbone said it well. I've always associated the term dark roast with Starbucks producing burnt dirt and calling it coffee. They've changed over the years so it's aroma doesn't make you want to puke. Years ago they had a coffee shop inside all Chapters bookstore and the Chapter's folks received so many complaints of the stench permeating the entire store they made Starbucks glass off their store and install a positive pressure air system so the stink didn't go into the store when the door opened.

I'd give up coffee if this dark roast craze - even in Tim's! - in Canada pushed away the regular coffee we grew up with.

To quote from Crocodile Dundee: "You can eat it, but it tastes like shit."


Jimmy, yes, the Hipsters have been doing that for quite a while now, it's very fashionable to have light roast. And I hate the taste of it, I don't like my coffee sour.


I've never been a fan of Starbucks but I was raised on Truckstop coffee. Anyone remember wooden nickels?


I've never been a fan of Starbucks but I was raised on Truckstop coffee. Anyone remember wooden nickels?

– Suprdave

I will find out more about wooden nickels as soon as I gets me my wooden round tuit.

I told my Cardiologist I LUVS my Coffee! He said "Decaf".

I said COFFEE!!

...he said DECAF!!!!!! Then he said something about real coffee at my Morticians. Or something like that.


I am proud to say that I have never had a Starbucks coffee. And I have only ever had one Big Mac - and that was in Memphis Tennessee, so it seemed strangely appropriate.

However I do know what burnt coffee smells like and it's disgusting.

Hilosean - funny you should mention Steve Kilbey. I'm seeing him and the Church at the Rosemount here in Perth this Friday. I've seen the Church a few times and seen Steve solo too. He puts on a great show for someone so taciturn. Can't wait. The Rosemount is a small venue so I'll be able to get close. Saw the Scientists there a week or so back. Good times.


After the brown stuff I had to drink in the service, almost any coffee will do in a pinch. I'm down to one or two cups a day from a pot or two (stagehands live on coffee and donuts, just like cops). I'm happy with Kona, Ethiopian, and many others. Honestly, my daily swill is Choc Full O' Nuts---it's a mocha java and always keeps it's flavor.


Here’s some irony for ya, Jimmylad. Passing through Memphis, on the way home from Lubbock, we stopped in at McDonalds for a quick bite. Grew up on the stuff, love it. And NOW they have coffee. Im not talking weak, sat on the burner for nine hours coffee. This is made to order, double shot, steamed milk, get you feeling like you can make those last four hours now kind of delicious, non-heart-burning coffee. Ah, lovely.
In America. Bless.


Coffee and chocolate both need to be dark. Just sayin'.


Totally unsuitable for work but this sums it up nicely.


Charbucks (Fivebucks) has stopped burning their coffee. I actually prefer it now, especially now that I drink mostly decaf which needs the darker roast to make up for the loss in flavor.


Count me as a fan of Charbucks (and have never been able to finish a cup of Tim’s in Canada). I like it strong and dark roasted. No milk and no sugar.

The only thing I like more than Starbucks, though, is a Melbourne style long black. Say it ain’t so that Australia has gone off the dark roast...

I must say, I did have an espresso at Blue Bottle in San Francisco recently and while I appreciate a good ristretto, the hipster citrusy thing has gone too far. And I’m part hipster... (as much as my frugal Scottish side will allow).


Decaf coffee makes as much sense as near beer. It's for folks that like to urinate.


Charbucks (Fivebucks) has stopped burning their coffee. I actually prefer it now, especially now that I drink mostly decaf which needs the darker roast to make up for the loss in flavor.

– Zigracer

Eh....Upchuck's.....er......Starbuck's is OK road coffee....I guess. But there's better here in Lawrence.


Hey Crowbone, you've gotta share that McDonalds Coffe cup here.

– Suprdave

I would, but this is a family site!


Jalexanderdixon - Well Melbourne is interesting. I was there earlier this year and the coffee is still way better than Perth's. I am a huge fan of Pellegrini's, as my folks used to go there before they were married and it hasn't changed at all since! And the coffee is still the best I have ever tasted - a long black is my choice and man they do it well. Better than Rome, better than Paris, New York, San Francisco...

I don't know how far this mild roast disease has spread there. But I can't see Pellegrini's being infected - if they have been making coffee that way since 1954 I figure they aren't about to change.

And Deed - that is some irony right there! And did you know that here Burger King is called Hungry Jacks? I can't eat those either!


Pellegrini's is a great Melbourne institution. I visited nearly every day when I was doing shows at the Princess Theater.


JimmyR - Isn't Melbourne something really different though? I mean this in a really positive way because between my Aussie friend here in the US and seeing some shows about it, the city is like an international food capitol.

As Deed noted, McDonalds has certainly provided a pleasant surprise.

I love dark coffee but stray far from the molten char delivered from Starbucks. There is some pretty good coffee where I live but I love going to the Tuck Shop in NYC. Yes, one can get a great flat white but they also deliver a really great cup of good black coffee. It's great going there on a chilly day and settling in with a Guinness Steak and Mushroom pie, Thai Chook Curry Pie, and their traditional meat pie is still my favorite. Sometimes I just am happy with a Sausage Roll and a couple Boags. I always get 1 or 2 orders of good black coffee though to finish it all off.

For any in the NYC area, the original is a little hole in the wall on 1st St. b'ween 1st and 2nd Ave. with Russ & Daughters in sight across Houston St. The owners are right from the land down under!

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