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First Ewing roundup pics?


Looking for any pictures from that round up that has my old premier amp that we used at that party. I'm not good at finding old threads. First page of search comes up but second page just says page.


Check YouTube for 'nj gretsch roundup' for JohnnyCrowbone's videos.


Realize those aren't pictures you are looking for, but I believe the amp is in some of the videos.


Yup thanks. I got them somewhere. Not good at finding old threads.


I couldn't find any pics. I got them somewhere, but forgot about YouTube. You can stop the vid and do a screen capture. Boom.

Thanks for reminding me, Matt!


I'll check an old hard drive.


Thanks for reminding me, Matt!

My pleasure! I went back and looked at all the videos. Brought back some good memories! That was a fun time!

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