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Finally done: SSLVO overhaul


It's been a long time coming but I finally got round to overhauling my SSLVO.

It needed new frets and a new nut (because I once dressed them in a hurry while being stressed out). It now sports Dunlop 6150's and a proper bone nut. As a finishing touch and make it truly MY guitar I swapped the stock dice knobs for some custom Hardrock Hotel dice knobs.


Nice job Ger. I'm thinking about a fret job on my 6119 too.


Nice mods, seems the new frets are taller than the stock ones. Love the shake, rattle n roll dice!

How’s the tone with the new frets? My chords goes south whenever I fret so I shaved them a bit lower. I get carried away when fretting sometimes.


These frets should actually be a bit shorter than the originals. They might look a bit taller because they're also a bit narrower and still very shiney.

I don't notice any change in tone but it does seem to play bit lighter.


Your guitar looks stellar! I recently played a used one of these in Guitar Center. It felt great. The neck is not too thin and not too thick. It's a Goldilocks.


why did you choose 6150 over 6105 wire?


Good question.

I think I just tend to prefer smaller frets on smaller radius fretboards, especially for chording. I never really got along with the 6105's. I used to think it was because of the radius but modern 9.5" Fenders always felt fine to me so I decided to give 6150's a try.


What's the stock frets btw?


The Setzer models have 6105's. I don't know what frets the regular 6120's have.


What do the initials SSLVO stand for???

– Parralax View

Setzer Signature Lacquer Vintage Orange, perhaps...?

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