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Fender Bluetooth Speaker


Not sure you guys and gals are into Bluetooth radios or may have them but I just got this one for my wife for her birthday because she wanted one here for home and she wanted to use her JBL Flip for beach use. Anyway this is the new Newport model and they have a larger Monterey model. 30W,2 woofers & a tweeter....pretty damn loud! The control layout is pretty cool too,like a late 60’s Silverface.Supposed to run 12hrs on a single charge @moderate volumes...we’ll see.So if anyone is looking to get one or another radio,check these out.Prices vary depending on where you look,I found this red one on eBay new for $120.


Nice! I've been eyeing up the Marshall Bluetooth speakers but this might be an alternative...


That’s super cool.

I’d lov a tweed champ version


Radio or Bluetooth speaker?


Radio or Bluetooth speaker?

– Powdog

Ahh yeah ,you got me..it’s Bluetooth speaker. Now that’s straight,yeah that would be cool if it were Bluetooth and radio.


That’s super cool.

I’d lov a tweed champ version

– Gasmoney

Here ya go Fred. Pretty cool,right? Well not really a Champ,more like a tweed Reverb unit


They’re pretty pricey, unfortunately. I’d love the tweed one. The Marshalls seem better bang for the buck though.

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