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Favorite Toys When You Were A Kid?


I fondly recall our favorite pastime for HO slot cars went beyond simple lap racing.

Here were our rules for play and scoring points;

  • Both drivers hold their quickest pace. No lap counts, just push it.

  • Points are scored by flip-overs (wheels up). You flip, they score a point.

  • In the event that one driver wipes out, usually de-slotting on a curve, the other driver gets one pass at trying to flip him over with their vehicle.
    Of course it helps that the disabled vehicle is in a vulnerable position for striking. But as long as the other car has a chance at flipping it, it is officially 'in play'.

  • If both drivers flip, it's a wash. No points scored.

The rub: there was always the chance that you might end up flipping your own car in an attempt at flipping your opponent. That always heightened the excitement. like rolling dice.

.. and especially upsetting after someone takes that lap leading up to the strike, very slowly, always, deliberately taunting their opponent with the potential outcome of that impending score, only to overshoot it on the straightaway and end up in the dogs' dish. Flipped of course.

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