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Favorite covers by the Beatles


"Mr. Postman".

– wabash slim

I was thinking of "Mr. Postman" too. And then I thought of how George just tears it up on "Roll Over Beethoven."


Twist and Shout and Roll Over Beethoven


i really don't care for their soul covers at all...i grew up on black r&b and they sound anemic compared to the originals. the only ones that really interest me are "Long Tall Sally" and particularly "Twist and Shout" where they actually added something of themselves to their versions.


“Money”. I liked the primal energy


My favorite to perform is Slow Down, but the Carl Perkins tunes are the ones I enjoy listening to the most.

My favorite Perkins song is Your True Love, and had the Fabs recorded it properly, that would be my #1. What a near-miss it was: it was apparently one of the many covers they did in the early days; according to Perkins, they considered it when they were recording the other songs of his; they ran through it during the Let It Be rehearsals; George performed it with Perkins on his 1985 Cinemax special, and Paul played it with him (loosely but sweetly) in the Miramax documentary My Old Friend; and George sang it at Perkins's funeral. So it was always around the Beatles, for a long time.

Oh, well.



Here's a fun video of some of them from a Manchester show. And, in the video which auto-loads after this, I love being able to see George changing pickups, etc. So, so cool.


"Twist and Shout", "Some Other Guy", and "Leave My Kitten Alone".

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