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Every goal scored against the Penguins is a GOOD GOAL!


Flyers @ Rangers just started...NBCSN Wednesday Night Rivalry


The Trade Deadline was curious...Mark Streit sent on a Surrealistic Journey to the interstate Arch Rival!

The Stars came back on the Pens Tuesday, Blackhawks overpowered them last night.

The Stars did something special...The Pens had won 65 in a row going into the 3rd with a 2 goal lead...

Yes, they can be beat.


Who knows what is happening with Dallas.

They traded 4 players of the past few days, and it would have been 5 if Patrick Sharp was not injured.

Goals against Pittsburgh...

Dallas beat them after being down by 2 entering the third, and yes, Chicago beat up on them as well.

Pitt is obviously a good team, but it's nice when your own team takes the "W"!

The Dallas Stars...from last year's great season to the mediocrity of "now." So what happened? I'd say besides the "injuries" excuse, the coaches are not pulling their weight.

Even as a "never played hockey" fan, I can see things on the ice that are contributing to defeat. Come on Coach Ruff, what are you waiting for?



Gene Hart..."He shoots, He Scores!"

"Flyers" voice for decades, his daughter sings the Anthem and God Bless America at the Home games.

Ya Never Know...Nobody Knows...but, then something works...Gene Hart is burned into millions of brains with that chaotic, over-the-top, almost in total disbelief, cry of Success!

Not much better than when the Flyers beat Pittsburgh...Ah!

And then all the TastyKakes!

– Twangmeisternyc

I've done a gig with Lauren...she's a great singer, and gave Gene's son swimming lessons when I was a teenager.

He was a history teacher at my high school, and friends with my father.

Loved when he announced those games...back when the Flyers could win a Stanley Cup!


Wow, I'm gonna give my Pens some love and support. Go Pens. We all know why caps fans hate the Pens....... I'm sure you will not want to see them in the playoffs, yet again


Cap fans should be concerned with why Ovechkin plays quite well in the regular season then becomes a spectator once the playoffs begin. He hasn't done squat in any post season series and didn't even step up to the plate in the Olympics! If playing for his country as their star player on the biggest stage in the world doesn't motivate him to pull the rag out of his butt, I don't know what will.

On one hand, Washington is touted by most analysts as a top contender for the Stanley Cup but they also hedge that prediction by saying "provided Ovechkin shows up."

Sure fans enjoy their players having a terrific regular season, even winning scoring trophies but they'll turn on a player who becomes invisible in the playoffs in a New York minute, and rightly so. Lack of effort in inexcusable.


That was very Enjoyable!

Flyers blank the Pens 4-0 in Philly tonight...


It might be enjoyable tonight, but the Flyers are going to be golfing while the Pens continue to play.

As for Dallas, they have a sieve for a goaltender.....that's their biggest need right now, and too late for this year. They should look to Vancouver for a trade for Ryan Miller. He still wants to be a starter and despite his age, he's playing well this year for the Canucks. Actually he's the reason that over the past dozen games or so the Canucks have been an illusion.....looking better than they actually are. They're pathetic, but do have some outstanding young players coming along.

What's holding back the Canucks are unfortunately, given they play over their careers, the Sedins. They're in the twilight of their careers and are actually hurting the Canucks at this point. They still are regarded as the number 1 line but they can't consistently produce offense at the rate they did 5 years ago during the cup run. This doesn't look good to a free agent so they're reluctant to sign here. Simultaneously, the young players in the system or with the team now are feeling that while they want to play here it's just to get their foot in the NHL door. Once they gain experience and their rookie contracts come to an end, they're eying another team trading for them. Not the recipe this team needs to rebuild. They won't be on the downside of the rebuilding mountain till the Sedins retire and they still have one more year to go with the choice being theirs. If they really loved the team as they say they do, and there's no reason to feel they aren't sincere, then they'd retire at the end of this year. No team is going to trade for both of them given their cap hit and realistically anchor the 3rd line, second at best and the second, not first team power play line. This is the big picture for the Canucks and nobody on the team is admitting this publicly - drop the Sedins out of being the first line - and none of the media will admit this Achille's heel situation. Only yesterday Jim Benning their GM said he told Willie D, the coach, to play the young players more as they've finally admitted they wouldn't make the playoffs. Actually they won't even be within sniffing distance of the Wild Card teams they've been chasing and not a snowball's hope in hell of beating any team that does make the playoffs. I said this the moment before the first game of the year when that idiot of a coach put Horvat on the 4th line!!! This guy doesn't have a bonafide NHL coach's acumen on any level. The team's performance since his hiring has been in a freefall, not even a steep slope!


Great weekend of College Sports topped off with the Flyers pounding the Pens in Pittsburgh 6-2.

Ahhhh, that felt good...


4-0 after the 1st...Chicago pounding the Pens in Pittsburgh.


Wow, I'm gonna give my Pens some love and support. Go Pens. We all know why caps fans hate the Pens....... I'm sure you will not want to see them in the playoffs, yet again

– Diggey

Right on Dig! Go Pens!!


Once my team is out, (Dallas Stars) I want to see new teams in the Cup!

That goes for my 3 favorite sports, hockey, football and basketball.

I am no fan of repeat customers.

Addendum: I admit, I giggle a bit when "no" Canadian team ever gets into the Stanley Cup. Nothing against Canada, I like that country a lot! I just find it a bit amusing with regards to hockey.



Go Ottawa!

– Twangmeisternyc

Go Pens! Bring the cup home again!


I knew I'd see this thread again! Game 7 should be a barn burner. I'd give the odds to Pittsburgh given they're the defending champions and the game is in their barn. Still want to see Ottawa take it though.


Pens in the finals! Yeah!!


Great, no quit, game...

Wrong ending.


It's hard to win the Stanley Cup.


We can thank the Pens for making the game exciting because their scoring first and then breaking the tie twice forced the Sens to abandon that oppressively yawn-inspiring trap defense and go to the attack. To their credit there was no quit in that team and it was a terrific game 7. Those who didn't watch, anticipating a snooze-fest missed a hell of a good game.


Apparently not...( what an ending to this thread, eh )

Kudos to Pittsburgh, it's hard to win the Stanley Cup!


Bad bad BAD whistle changed the outcome of this game, but congratulations to Pitt. It was not their fault.



I was really hoping for a 7th game. But, you guys are right...congratulations to the Penguins.


Have to give it to the Pens. This was one hell of a hard fought game that could easily have gone either way.

Now about that goal the ref disallowed. This highlights a major flaw in the NHL's rules regarding officiating. Baseball has it right. The play is reviewed buy all the umpires and overturned where appropriate. In the NHL, only the ref who blew the whistle is involved, regardless of what the other officials see and this made a difference in an important game. The NHL has to correct this bullshit!


The Nashville crowd needs to learn a few things about respecting the game and the opposing club. You don't boo the Conn Smythe or the Cup winner. I think The Philly crowd would show more respect.

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