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Ever Sell Equipment To A Famous Musician?


Sold a Gretsch 6120 WCST to James Irsay , the owner of the Indianapolis Colts. He showed up at my house "incognito" , unshaven in a mint older suburban.


I sold a Goldtop to the guitarist in Mud. Turns out he used to live in Maida Vale & he wanted to visit his old local pub. We sank a few pints & had a good old natter. I once rented an AC30 to U2 (please God, don't tell me Bono used it.)

– tonyb

I don't understand why you wouldn't want Bono to use it. Sure it would be cooler if The Edge did but what is wrong with Bono using it?


Sold a Brian Moore i2.13 to Black Frances. Still don't know what he bought it. Later bought yet another i2.13 from the keyboard tech for Lionel Richie just before they headed to Europe. Still have it. I own a '61 Country Club that belonged to Jim Valley of The Raiders from back when he was in The Viceroys.


Not sure how much this counts, but it's just recent so it's in my mind.

I'm friends with the guys in the dead milkmen, and I've been trying to think about what to do with the gretsch my ex-wife gave me. I tried everything to kinda separate my feelings about my ex from the guitar, ended up sitting the case for a few years while I moved on.

so I finally asked around if anyone wanted to take it off my hands but keep it "in the family" and Joe Jack, the guitarist told me he's been on the lookout for a gretsch, so he grabbed it.

So next time they're on stage keep a lookout!


Wow this thread is quite amazing! ..knowing that all I ever wanted is having my strat signed by Knopfler or Clapton....


a friend of mine in Austin, Texas sold a vintage amp to Eric Johnson.

– Sgt Rock

I bought some stuff from Eric Johnson in Austin in 1981.

Al Kooper was playing in my band "The Blame" and gave me the first tuner I ever used.

The Gattlin Bros "borrowed" my '65 Super reverb without asking for a gig they did at Bull Creek in Texas.

Jerry Jeff Walker "borrowed" my '58 Les Paul Jr, also without asking, when he sat in with Guy Clark (we were opening) and he broke two strings and caved in the wood under the volume control. He just left it like that on stage for me to find and never apologized or offered to have it fixed. Nice guy, hey?

S Mac


Back in the late 80's I played on a bill in canada at The Moncton Coliseum with Reba McEntire and Vice Gill. One of the touring guitar players Andy Reiss bought a 54 reissue Strat neck off of me. $150


– Billy D Light

Interesting. I recorded 12 songs with Andy at curb studios in Nashville about 10 or so years ago for the Ron Davies tribute album "Unsung Hero - A Tribute To The Music of Ron Davies." He had a stable of old electrics on hand.

Sorry to derail but seeing his photo brought back the memory.

S Mac

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