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Ever Sell Equipment To A Famous Musician?


Placed an ad in Craigslist or the Recycler or any other posting and a famous musician actually sought out what you were selling and bought it from you. You got a surprise that some position you know of who's famous spot for you.

Happened to me recently. After I see the replies I will post who bought from me.


a friend of mine in Austin, Texas sold a vintage amp to Eric Johnson.


I have never had the experience, myself.


Bruce wanted to buy something of mine but I didn't want to sell.

I bought a car off of the drummer from the Nazz.


Sold an amp to Billy Gibbons (via his guitar tech at the time). I was working in a music shop in London, Ontario Canada. It was a "Flot-o-tone" amp. Billy actually came into the store to check it out.


I once refused to sell my 6122 to a famous musician. This was back in the late 1970s, and I loved it too much to part with it.

He said he understood, and that was that.

(Edit- forgot to name the guy- Bob Wootton)


I sold my Bassman and Space Echo to Jeff Tweedy of WILCO, via his manager. I got to tour The Loft, but Jeff was out.


I built an amp for Vince Ray, then he posed in a magazine article with it.


Ok, PC, who was it?

– Deed Eddy

Hi Deed,

I sold a blonde w/ oxblood grill Blues Junior circa 2002 model I bought new way back when, to James Intveld.

I had it listed in Craigslist and I woke in the early hours of the morning and couldn't sleep so what else does one do in that situation but check email. I got an email from him but didn't recognize the name since I was tired. 8:00 AM check the email again and notice it was from James Intveld. I respond to him via text as he gave me his number to communicate that way.

I am very familiar with him. Saw him in conert years ago. Loved his work in the movie "Cry Baby". So we negotiate a price, we agree, he comes over and he buys it. I never let on I knew who he is during negotiations, only after. I am not gonna try to get a free concert from him at my house but he's an excellent player and ask if he knew how to play the solo to Ricky Nelson's "Fools Rush In" and he says yes and plays it at my request. Awesome. He brought his Tele Custom to try the amp out.

We agreed on a price, but after we agree, I said I'd drop the price by $25 if he gave me two of his CDs, a 30 minute guitar lesson when he has time, and put my friend Alain and me on the guest list for a show. He laughed and agreed. He found one CD only in his van so I guessed later at the show he could give me another, but as he was going to drive away he found another and got out and walked back to my garage and gave to me. I felt that is win win for both parties. His CDs are at cost to him, the lesson cost him only time but not money, and guest list should cost him nothing, so both him and I win.

I had a Fender amp cover for it but didn't include it as part of the "for sale" in Craigslist, but did plan on giving to the buyer if the buyer was cool. If the buyer was uncool I would keep it and sell it for like $15 or $20 to someone else. The moment he agreed to buy it via our texting I already planned on including it because I knew James Intveld would be cool, so when he bought it and was ready to take the amp I handed it to him.

He is a super cool guy. Very nice guy. Super talented. I am glad I sold to him rather than anyone else.


Watch James's (Burton) left hand in this video. There you go...who needs a lesson from James Intveld?


Watch James's (Burton) left hand in this video. There you go...who needs a lesson from James Intveld?

– Ric12string

True, the video clearly shows Burton's fingering but I just wanted to hear it played live by someone who would play it flawlessly. One day I will ask James intveld when he is in town if he has time for a lesson but it is up to him and his schedule.

James Intveld's playing is flawless. My friend Alain plays amazingly flawlessly, especially Morrissey songs amongst others. The rest of my friends as well as myself don't.


Back in the '80s I was in university and during my first summer break I managed to avoid getting a job by trading vintage guitars.

One of the guitars I advertised was a '64 Tele with a 'blonde' finish and I got a call from Sarm East recording studio asking if I would bring the guitar so Gary Moore could try it out. I agreed on the condition they paid the taxi fares to and from the studio - sale or no sale.

Long story short I arrived at the studio reception, a tape op came out and took the guitar for Mr Moore to try and about 10 minutes later he returned with the guitar and a 'no thanks'. I guess he was hoping that it was a '50s one so I never got to meet the guy.


My Gretsch Roc Jet was once owned by a member of Midnight Oil. I didn't know until after I had handed the money over for it that it was once one of their guitars. The ironic thing is that the inspiration for chasing a Roc Jet in the 1st place was because I loved the live sound Jim Moginie (of Midnight Oil) got out of his!


I sold a Gretsch student model archtop to Randy Bachman after I refused his offer to trade him my Tennessean and the archtop for a stripped 6120 that had been sunk in a boat plus hardware. The teacher of the luthier course I was taking said the 6120 (which had a lot of delamination and a cracked fretboard etc) would be best used as an oar and proceeded to fake paddle around the shop with it. This was about 28 years ago.


I sold a DuoJet to George Harrison back in...wait, that wasn't me.

Oh, I gave an old DeArmond monkey stick pickup to Paul Pigat...that's the one.


Jerry Garcia was a friend of mine. Stopped by Gelb Music to see me one day and ended up buying a Twin Reverb. Needed a loud amp. The Alembic crew modified the cabinet some I heard tell but that's the short answer to the question


I traded my first Gretsch (a '60s 6120 that I didn't dare bring on the road anymore) in a guitar store in Oslo in 1990. A few years ago, I contacted the store owner asking if he remembered who bought it. And yep, he thought maybe a famous (at least in Norway), Norwegian singer called Anne Grete Preus owns it now. I have communicated with her (after making it clear that I wasn't a stalker, and that I wasn't gonna pester her to sell it back to me, LOL), just to confirm if she's the owner, and she told me it's one of her favourite guitars.

This is me, aged 17, with the guitar:

And this is Anne Grete live on TV playing it.



Had a Fender Twin up for sale. A guy phoned and said he'd call round and take a look. So an hour later I had Mr Brinsley Schwarz (and PRS) in the living room. He bought the amp.


I sold a DuoJet to George Harrison back in...wait, that wasn't me.

Oh, I gave an old DeArmond monkey stick pickup to Paul Pigat...that's the one.

– NJBob

I still have it!!! many thanks again!!


Sold a mandolin case to David Grisman, some Fender guitar parts to Doug Feiger (Knack/RIP), and going the other way-- a friend ended up with a beat-up Twin Reverb, painted red/white/blue that had belonged to George Clinton of Funkadelic.


I sold my '53 Gretsch Electro II to Holland's most famous jazzplayer, Anton Goudsmit, in around 2001. He played it exclusively for years and really beat it up. The past few years he often uses a 70s Club but he also still gigs with the Electro II. Here we both are in action. Me in the late 80s and him a few years ago.


My only oddity was seeing my old B15N PortaFlex on sale at Gruhn's 30+ years later...

Long strange trip for that amp, for sure!


Back in the late 80's I played on a bill in canada at The Moncton Coliseum with Reba McEntire and Vice Gill. One of the touring guitar players Andy Reiss bought a 54 reissue Strat neck off of me. $150



Bought a pedal once from a gentleman on craigs list. When he handed it to me it had RF on the side in sharpie. Before my grownup brain kicked in I blurted out Rat Fink (my childhood obsession). But wait, I needed to shove my foot a bit deeper in my mouth. I then blurted, owned by Robben Ford?. Guy looked at me in disgust as he took the money and got in his RangeRover and drove off. It was Robin Finck from NIN and GNR. I emailed him an apology for my faux paus. Still waiting for a response.

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