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Eddie Haskell RIP


He was the best thing about that show. If you want a definition of "obsequious" -- Eddie Haskell was it. RIP.


He was the first character in TV history to represent someone we all know. RIP.


Jerry Mathers (The Beaver) said Ken was the best actor in the show because his actual personality was totally opposite of the character he portrayed.


That was a great show. I was born four years after it was off the air so never saw them in first runs. Did grow up on a steady diet of the show as a kid in the 70s. Eddie was a funny character and Ken Osmond made the character what it was. Ken Osmond survived bullets and served proudly on the LAPD. I remember him on an episode of the Munster’s as well. Great actor.


Used to love to laugh at the old urban legend that he grew up to become Alice Cooper.


"Wally, if you think we're going to drag that little brother of yours to the movies, your out of your....... Well hello Mrs Clever, I was just explaining to Wallace how nice it would be to have Theodore accompany us to the cinema today". Eddie Haskell

I was three years old when Leave it to Beaver was cut from prime time TV, but I grew up on the reruns. As an adult, I still enjoyed catching an episode now and again, for the nostalgia it produced. It was good clean TV, always with a lesson in morality and family values. It set the bar very high, as TV shows at the time often did, but was enjoyable none the less. I liked the Eddie Haskell character a lot, his was the antithesis of Wally, and fun to make fun of.

Ken Osmond was the antithesis of Eddie Haskell. He was a man of honor and courage, he will be missed. RIP Ken Osmond.

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