Miscellaneous Rumbles

Early retirement?


Nothing beats a canoe on a mellow river or stream on a quiet morning.

– wabash slim

...or on a lake at dawn.


Hard to make out in the photo but it looks like an Evenrude? Very cool. combo!

– Hogman

Yes, it’s a 1959 Evinrude 35hp Lark motor.


I love my kayak! This is just a kayak, with more wind in your face!

Besides people can sneak up on you in the water, this gives the opportunity for the quick getaway.

– Hipbone

I'm reminded of the story about the man who loved to go out fishing in his kayak in the morning, except that his feet always got too cold. No combination of socks and linings seemed to help, so he finally had the brilliant idea to put a small Hibachi stove inside to keep his feet warm. As you can probably guess, though, the stove was too hot, melting the fiberglas of the kayak shell and dumping the man into the drink. Which just goes to prove the truth of that old saying ....

... wait for it ...

...You can't have your kayak and heat it too!


And perhaps a pipe....

– Hipbone

Ohhhh yes, a churchwarden is my favorite type of pipe. I've been pipe smoker for 40 years, and have an eclectic collection of about 70 pipes. I am also a pipe maker. I apprenticed under the late renowned Arizona pipe maker Horace DeJarnet (DeJarnet Pipes) You definitely need to get a pipe!

I also had an antique boat from about 1995 until three years ago. I had a 1962 15' fiberglass runabout with a Johnson 75hp Super Seahorse from the same year. It was two cylinders two cycle, and could easily pull two skiers. They rated horse power at the red line back then, so this was a very strong motor. I sold it to my cousin when he bought some property that I owned. These old boats are a lot fun, I love the old instruments on the dash. Enjoy the boat, Hipbone!


Got it started today at the house. I was very happy it fired up right away. The seller told me it ran strong and he is a very genuine guy, but you just never know.

I only payed $200 for the boat/ trailer. Next, I’m gonna get the upholstery redone and hook up the steering and throttle cables.


The pipe and some intriguing tobacco is on its way!


No, boat is a “55” motor is a “59”

– Hipbone

If they said motor is a "59", it's most likely a 1960.


If they said motor is a "59", it's most likely a 1960.

– JBGretschGuy

Serial number.... clearly makes it a “59”


Serial number.... clearly makes it a “59”

– Hipbone

It's a long running joke around here. Beautiful boat! Congratulations.

I keep my 25 year-old two-stroke Seadoos running in tip top shape. Sometimes I'll put 100 miles on them in a day. It's great fun. "If you ain't mixing gas, you ain't kicking &%$"


I decided on a vintage pipe, I picture boating around and finding a shady cove and enjoying a smoke.

It’s all about “lifestyle” at this point!

– Hipbone

Now they ya go, nice pipe!


I've been thinking about getting a pipe. I wouldn't actually smoke it though - I don't like smoking although some pipe tobacco smells alright. I just like the idea of a pipe. My pop smoked a pipe and I associate the smell of a pipe with contentedness and security. Mind you he died when I was six.

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