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Dr John - RIP


The Night Tripper passes on.


Just had a text from a pal telling me this. So sad -- Mac R is a bit of a hero in this house.


Damn,this is awful news! RIP .


Sad. Here is a great paring with Leon Redbone.


Cookin' up some badass gumbo w/ Bo Diddley trem back in '59 Too kool.


Sorry to hear this news. RIP Dr. Here's from the 2013 Americana Awards.


my favorite guest appearance in The Last Waltz:


So very sad to hear that Mac Rebennack aka "Dr John" has passed on. His 1968 release "Gris-gris" opened my mind up to a completely different style of rhythms as a teenager. I still love that album. Rest in Peace


We were walking past Dingwall's one afternoon in London in the early 1980s and I heard a piano. The door at the back of the stage was open and we looked in. Dr. John was soundchecking by himself (or just playing). Listened and looked at the back of his head for about 15 minutes. Glorious. RIP sir.


Very sad news, RIP Dr John. He gave us a lifetime of music, and he will be missed.


I was fortunate enough to see the good Doctor on a few occasions. One memorable one was in the early 70's --- backed by the Meters, no less --- and another was a few years ago at the Sausalito Art Festival with a kickass band churning out some funky funky grooves.

The man was a legend and a brilliant musician. I'm so thankful he left us so many great recordings and memories.

He is now in the Right Place at the Right Time!


This is truly a great loos for the music world. Rest In Peace, Sir -- and thanks for some wonderful memories.

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