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Douglas County, Nevada…Tell me about it.


Apparently, you are still getting a fair amount of snow.

Do you think she will be able to drive the inclines and along the east shore of Lake Tahoe without chains?

I might need to make another arrangement for her to see the lake...

Nevada 511.org showing some snow on the roads, but I would hope in another couple weeks it will have passed.

– Twangmeisternyc

One would certainly hope so. However, this has been a very unpredictable winter. We are supposed to have weather tomorrow and Friday and then again next Tuesday. But, we have had snowfall on the Fourth of July before!

In a couple of weeks, which is late April, the odds are that temperatures will be warm enough that any bad weather will merely be rain.

If push came to shove, she could rent a four-wheel drive car just to head up to the Lake and drive around it.


Well, my wife says, "Let's do it!"

She had a great visit, and saw from South of Reno through to the lower end of Gardnerville. Her trip up to the Lake didn't cover the entire Nevada stretch, only from 50 down into South Lake Tahoe.

The young woman acting as our Buyer's Agent took her through a dozen homes to get an idea of Value and different areas. Whether we dive straight into a Home purchase will probably be matched to renting a while, I have to figure there will be some renovations...

I arranged a Pre-Approval for any Mortgage type we may choose to use.

So, now we calculate my next visit, and how we time everything considering her wrapping up her current career, and deciding what gets edited before a Cross-Country move.


That is some exciting news. I have to say that I genuinely admire the courage and sense of adventure that is necessary to undertake such a move. I am excited and happy for you both.

While my knowledge of resources in Nevada is less extensive because I live on the California side of the state line, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are in need of any information or assistance. I would be so pleased to help you both.

Maybe now that screen name will change to TwangmeisterNV? Lol.


I never made it to twangmeisterCHS...and when the other "new twangmeister from LA" showed up a couple weeks ago promoting his new CD I knew my Copyright had been lost...



God actually sculpted the universe and then because he wanted something more pretty he made Tahoe! Good luck! Hey Reno Reno Reno, man a hard little town, I do love Reno.

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