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Douglas County, Nevada…Tell me about it.


Apparently, you are still getting a fair amount of snow.

Do you think she will be able to drive the inclines and along the east shore of Lake Tahoe without chains?

I might need to make another arrangement for her to see the lake...

Nevada 511.org showing some snow on the roads, but I would hope in another couple weeks it will have passed.

– Twangmeisternyc

One would certainly hope so. However, this has been a very unpredictable winter. We are supposed to have weather tomorrow and Friday and then again next Tuesday. But, we have had snowfall on the Fourth of July before!

In a couple of weeks, which is late April, the odds are that temperatures will be warm enough that any bad weather will merely be rain.

If push came to shove, she could rent a four-wheel drive car just to head up to the Lake and drive around it.


Well, my wife says, "Let's do it!"

She had a great visit, and saw from South of Reno through to the lower end of Gardnerville. Her trip up to the Lake didn't cover the entire Nevada stretch, only from 50 down into South Lake Tahoe.

The young woman acting as our Buyer's Agent took her through a dozen homes to get an idea of Value and different areas. Whether we dive straight into a Home purchase will probably be matched to renting a while, I have to figure there will be some renovations...

I arranged a Pre-Approval for any Mortgage type we may choose to use.

So, now we calculate my next visit, and how we time everything considering her wrapping up her current career, and deciding what gets edited before a Cross-Country move.


That is some exciting news. I have to say that I genuinely admire the courage and sense of adventure that is necessary to undertake such a move. I am excited and happy for you both.

While my knowledge of resources in Nevada is less extensive because I live on the California side of the state line, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are in need of any information or assistance. I would be so pleased to help you both.

Maybe now that screen name will change to TwangmeisterNV? Lol.


I never made it to twangmeisterCHS...and when the other "new twangmeister from LA" showed up a couple weeks ago promoting his new CD I knew my Copyright had been lost...



God actually sculpted the universe and then because he wanted something more pretty he made Tahoe! Good luck! Hey Reno Reno Reno, man a hard little town, I do love Reno.


Flying back the 22nd to do groundwork for a few days.

I need to see this area along the mountains from Carson City up to the SW side of Reno. My wife really liked "Saddlehorn" which is part way up the Mt. Rose Highway...Washoe County.

And part of that area further South along Old 395 that didn't burn last Fall...very sad. There were some nice homes along there.

I liked the Westside of Carson City, too, ...which she somehow missed. Go figure...!

Still prefer the Douglas County CV, though, if we can find the right place...


When is the big move taking place?


After Labor Day and before the end of October is the window...


If you were to make it out around Labor Day, you would be here in time to attend the Roundup!

Not that that should be your only motivation or anything. You have a wife to provide you with that.


The trip back out to Reno, Carson City, and the CV went well. My trip last August, and my wife's this past May, were to gauge if we would like living there...this one focused on Home Values, possible areas and Neighborhoods, and Rental Options.

Back out again either just before or soon after Labor Day for Round 2 of House Hunting.

West and SW Reno seem to have more options, but I haven't given up on something further South.

I placed my Sports Bets!

Astros, Cowboys, Oilers, and

College - The Ohio State University for Football, Michigan State for Basketball.

So, ...

No or low Tax, Gambling is Legal, Prostitution is Legal, Reefer is Legal, you can buy Liquor in a Supermarket 24hrs/day 7 days/week.

It gets Cool every Night regardless of the Season.

It's 4 hours to Downtown SF.

And if you want Snow, it's 30 minutes away (with just a bit at lower elevations).

You can reach 1/2 the West in a day's drive, the rest in two...


Yep, you have selected a great place to live, Twangmeisternyc. No doubt about that.

Are you giving consideration to a residence in South Reno? Where will you and your wife be working? Reno? Carson City? Minden or Gardnerville? The commute from Reno to the Carson Valley isn't too bad -- maybe about twenty minutes from South Reno.

When you come out after Labor Day, add a couple of days and come join us at the Roundup just on the other side of the Sierra.


My wife works from Home, at least for a little bit longer. Most accuse me of being Retired for these last 15 years. I like to say I take care of everything that she doesn't...and it's a full time job!

"I'm a Retired Investor living on a pension..." - Hyman Roth

We'll figure the living arrangements, 8 years in Manhattan helps you appreciate having NOT too much space. We are trying to avoid a large home, we don't want the upkeep.

If I can swing the Round Up, I'll be a Party Crasher. Or we can figure a way to meet for a drink if my timing is different. This past trip I was on a mission otherwise I would have gotten you a note...

Arrived late Saturday night, drove around 7 hours on Sunday to the bottom of the CV and back looking at every home we've ever liked on the MLS, met with a 2nd Realtor about Rentals, did 3 more hours of touring Monday morning. Then a break. Then with the same Buyer's Agent that took my wife around in May for a 1/2 day Tuesday to see the 5 best. Then a break.

Flew out crack of Dawn Wednesday...

I used to keep a schedule and pace like that 180 - 220 days a year, I'm not as young as I was and don't have the sea legs for it anymore. Those were the days, though.


Oh yeah, that would be great to meet up with you sometime. But, do keep in mind the Roundup. I was minimizing it when I said "just on the other side of the Sierra." It is about two hours and forty minutes of some of the best scenery you have seen. You drive right by some high elevation lakes, through the woods, and arrive at Camp Lodestar before you know it.


I had looked up the location before...you described perfectly why we are moving West to see all these sites while still young and interested enough!


The lakes are typically along the Carson Pass. Here are a couple to whet your appetite. The first is Caples Lake, the second is Silver Lake, and the last is Red Lake.

Caples Lake

Silver Lake

Red Lake


If you water ski or wake board, there are many little gems hidden in the Sierras. This is the glass report from Lake Clementine this morning. Notice the paucity of other boats.


Powdog, I didn't even know that Lake Clementine existed despite having lived here for 35 years. Just off the freeway, it appears.


Local secret. Ssshhh...



– Deed Eddy

I was thinking of you as well, Deed, as I posted those photos thinking it might remind you of some good times out west.


I made my Travel Plans, arrive late Tuesday night Aug 29,...depart Dawn Saturday Sept 2.

Not the timing of the RoundUp, unfortunately. That would have been special.

Trying to match the opportunity window of distressed, available MLS properties, Rentals, End of Month, etc.

Will do the next round of groundwork Weds, Thurs, Friday. Will rent a car as need be...

Pick a day that works for you Ric12, staying at the Peppermill.

What is the time and distance? 45 minutes, 25 miles?


Great! It is about 35-40 minutes. Let's connect offline for arrangements.


Sent, but no confirmation as of yet. GDP message system seemed to be normal...


This post is for Ms. Deed...

As I teased Ric12 yesterday about it being "The Ponderosa", just the same I may have gotten very fortunate. None of the MLS Properties were engaging enough to hop on. In the interim, my Buyer's Agent made a connection to another client who found their Home for a unique Sublet Rental.

Right at the base of the Kingsbury Grade, connected to a Friesian Horse Breeding Farm.

≤10 minutes up to the Genoa Thirst Parlor (which her parents own), then 15 more minutes up Jack's Valley to Shopping at the 395/50 Intersection, or only 10 minutes over to either Minden or Gardnerville.

The owner bought the 40 acre parcel to expand the Farm, no need for the modern, Log Cabin-ish, 5000 sq. ft. Dwelling. A Hunting Lodge interior, lots of stonework, too.

What a Hoot!

We only need the downstairs, the upstairs will be storage and a guitar-driven Concert Hall. There is also a Pond, and an extra large Jacuzzi on the Deck.

One of the Farm hands has a herd of Sheep, too, right beyond the Pond.


Or Lamb Chop City....

Plus of course no delay to get up to Stateline and South Lake Tahoe, the Grade starts at the end of the 1/2 Mile long driveway...

Paperwork should be exchanged next week after the Labor Day Holiday.

The last good news is they finished the 580 down and around Carson City, saves 10 minutes compared to having to drive through town. Easy, easy ride up to Reno now...

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