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Douglas County, Nevada…Tell me about it.


This is on the east lower side of Lake Tahoe. I think Ms. Deed once told us about Zephyr Cove and snow, but there are several communities over the mountains and down through the Carson River Valley.

Who knows about this area? Pros? Cons?

It is on our radar, planning a trip soon enough and could use some local knowledge about the good and the bad.

Obviously, drought and flash flooding are recurring issues.

But, it does look quaint and historical, picturesque, etc.


I can offer thoughts when on my computer and not my phone.


Minden and Gardnerville, Carson City...a very historic area. Kit Carson, the Basque sheep ranches. Sharkey's Casino, Genoa, the first town in Nevada. There really is no down side. It's The West.

We lived there, up at Tahoe, for ten years. Drove a Jeep Cherokee over hundreds of miles of high desert roads, down into the Valley with its unimaginably beautiful vistas, sunsets that break your heart...we always miss it.

There has been growth, obviously. But you can still drive down US 395 along the Walker River and feel like a Pony Express rider could pass by at any moment.

A friend who lives in Gardnerville sent these pics.


If you fish bring your fly rod. Walker River on the east side of Monitor Pass and the Carson River on the west side. Hope Valley in South Tahoe Basin is unbelievable.


It's a lifestyle that takes about five minutes to fall into. Nevadans love their state, care for the ecosystem and the wildlife, and each other.

Douglas County shares a great fire department that works the Lake and the Valley...I could go on and on, but suffice it to say we loved living there.

And yes, Hope Valley is like looking into Cowboy Heaven.


Sometimes, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Deed's enthusiasm for this region is genuine and justified.


With our day-in, day-out commitment overseeing the care of the elderly In-Laws ending last month, our ticket is kind of punched to move on...they are now in Ct.

45 months, 1000's of observations, 1000's of driven miles, an Intervention using Law Enforcement, a drowning man, a malcontented woman, a wayward son, a pair of what-about-me-where-is-mine? sisters, two medium-sized Household Goods moves, a divorce...sounds like a Country Song, eh?

My wife is the eldest...POA and Executor, and apparently an "adopted" child.

When we left NYC, she had originally planned that April 1, 2016 would be the end of her gig with her long-term employer. Now, with noted events, she thinks she will hang on until late next year when turning 60. Her Retirement package doesn't really gain much, more so her wanting to finish what she started 5-6 years ago...

We have seen over-development a few times, right now in the Charleston area it is full speed. Very nice area, post-Solstice Summers (Dog Days) a bit sticky and hot, rest of the year wonderful. Food wonderful. People wonderful. Access to essentials wonderful. Been rated #1 or #2 in most liveability surveys last 5 years.

We have not lived out West, yet. Looking at the Puget Sound/Salish Sea area, too, ... made that first scouting trip last fall. So far, in adult life, Delaware, Boston, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Gainesville FL, Raleigh, Kansas City, back to Delaware (to care for my folks), then Manhattan, now Charleston (to be able to care for my wife's folks).

I have sweet talked several of the County, City, Visitors Center women these past few weeks and they have been great sending info and linking me into private websites. The amount of development seems about half that of what overtook Cary/Raleigh and is now challenging Charleston/Mt. Pleasant. Some pressure on the water table in areas, some risks on the floodplain, some fire risk in the Hills.

Weather looks fine, maybe a bit cooler through the winter than our ideal, certainly don't want that snow seen up in the Mountains in Ms. Deed's 1980's snow shovel photo!

That, I will gladly drive a 1/2 hour to see...Ha!

I like the Tax basis. I like that it is 4 hours to the Bay Area. I like the vista, sky, mountains, desert aspects. And then the Lake. The Celebrity golf tournament was this past weekend on TV, great aerial shots, blue sky, long needle pines, etc., ...got my wife all pumped.

Next milestone is clearing out the In-Law house in WNC. If we can get that scheduled soon, with the sister in charge, we'll be able to disconnect a bit more.

It's really a mess...and sad.


Photos are all great, my wife is thrilled!

Our next door neighbors have family at Incline Village, and they go visit every year. Last visit was Christmas time, ... they prefer the Summer visits...too cold for Charlestonians!


I'm booked, fly out Friday morning...

Big week of Touring planned. Lots of Folks to meet.


Excellent! I hope that the area meets with your highest expectations and that you will consider a move to the 'hood. (I call it the 'hood, even though the Carson Valley is almost an hour's drive from where I live, but, by our distances/times out here, that is pretty much "in the 'hood.")


I did a semester at SFSU in the 70's, and we had the chance to move into the Bay Area late 80's...chose Raleigh instead, it was the better financial move at the time.

Countless trips into the Bay Area over the years...

I'll be making the drive to and from SF going both ways around Lake Tahoe. Part of the plan is to do Northern Cal a lot...might as well check that out.

Only been through Reno once. First 2 nights Downtown Reno, next 3 Carson Valley, then SF for a night then back. Probably stay on the Lake a couple nights, too, still to decide where...


Well, I think it is very lovely...Ms. Deed and Ric12 are right!


My rental car wasn't ready for this, had only 992 miles on it!


From Carson City to Gardnerville... all beautiful vistas.


The Auto Museum in Reno was great. Lake Tahoe is a treasure. I placed my BCS and Super Bowl bets. There is no better value than a Casino 24 hour Diner.

I had my fill of alfalfa/grass feed Beef, Dungeness Crab, King Salmon, Oysters, Halibut, and West Coast sushi.

My Ice Cream Sundae at Ghirardelli was a Home Run.

And the Buena Vista...one of my favorite places. The Bartender making Irish Coffees first served me in 1975...43 years behind that bar in total.


It sounds like you are having a tremendous trip and learning more about the area. Good on ya!


My wife is making the trip out at the end of the month.

We'll see what she thinks...


Apparently, you are still getting a fair amount of snow.

Do you think she will be able to drive the inclines and along the east shore of Lake Tahoe without chains?

I might need to make another arrangement for her to see the lake...

Nevada 511.org showing some snow on the roads, but I would hope in another couple weeks it will have passed.

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