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Dogs and life.


I have my guitar lesson tomorrow and I'm also picking up a new guitar. Walking my one year old German Shepherd tonight, she ran and pulled me down on the ice. Sprained my wrist and pulled something in my back. Won't play my new guitar for a while.

After some choice words I have decided that I still love all my dogs.

I reckon that dogs can be the true test of loyalty and friendship. If one of my human friends had hurt me like this I would have put a hurtin' on them.


People can love or hate you, but if your dog doesn't like you, you sir, are an arsehole.


You lucked out. I have zip lines on the front of the property that allow my Walker Hound to run around without having to put up fences. One day she zipped past me. I saw the cable comming on the ground, jumped to get over it but it caught my heel on the way down. Compression fracture of T-9, put me out for weeks.

She’s still my bestie. The only one who will swim the river with me.

Hope you’re feeling better soon.


You know what I love about my dogs? They ask no questions and tell me no lies. They love me even when I'm a jerk. That's a lot of love.


You lucked out. I have zip lines on the front of the property that allow my Walker Hound to run around without having to put up fences. One day she zipped past me. I saw the cable comming on the ground, jumped to get over it but it caught my heel on the way down. Compression fracture of T-9, put me out for weeks.

She’s still my bestie. The only one who will swim the river with me.

Hope you’re feeling better soon.

– Powdog

Years ago my dog ran and wrapped the line around my ankle. My wife still calls it my frankenstein scar. Almost took my foot off. To this day I refer to her as my favorite dog.


How about a course in dog-training?


I had a Samoyed/Black Lab mix. She was a gentle giant---125 pounds. Being half sled dog, she pulled like mad when we walked. I finally got her to the point where she would walk normally.

Then, coming home, as we walked around the garage, a squirrel darted out in front of us.

Damn near dislocated my shoulder.

I had to put my Black Lab/Great Pyrenees down a few months ago. I still can't see a Lab without getting sad. Worst part is that due to health issues, I physically can't deal with a dog anymore. Breaks my heart. Dogs are the best friends I've ever had.


I tried it all when I was young and in my natural prime. Now it's old dogs and children and watermelon wine.


my life can't accommodate a dog, but the consistent highlight of my work day is visiting my coworker's dogs (my employer lets folks bring their non-disruptive puppers to the office)...my coworkers apparently think it's cute when i get down on the floor to snuggle the doggos.


Our little girl will be 15 1/2 at the end of the month. Deaf, significantly Blind, lots of Cognitive issues.

She has aged a lot this past year, several episodes of deteriorating health, then periods of recovery.

Winter has been tough on her, too. And me. Lots of sleepless nights.

I fell over Sleepwalking a couple weeks ago after one of our many blizzard events. That hurt, ... destroyed a cabinet door, too.


Lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of the car. Come back in a couple hours and see which one is happy to see you.


COPD means no more pets, but I met a Rottie this afternoon at the gas station. Girl in a Jeep on the other side of the pump island jumped out and ran inside to pay without making sure the door is closed. After a beat her dog (Hamish) figured out the door wasn't latched and decanted himself out of the car.....

Suddenly I'm facing 95 or so pounds of unknown Rotweiler. Is he going to guard his mistress' Jeep? Chase me away from it?

Nah, as it turned out, Hamish is just out to win friends and influence people. Mistress came back to see her dog sitting calmly at my feet, discussing the cost of fuel vs doggie treats like we'd known each other for years... until she called his name in a very VERY severe tone..

Turned Hamish from 95 pounds of muscle into 95 pounds of jello... all while she apologized profusely for letting him bother me as Hamish clambered up and back into the Jeep and vanished into the back.

Although a childhood encounter has made me wary of large strange dogs for life, Hamish seemed to know that I would be okay if he just sat and watched what I was doing until his human came back.

Never dawned on him that maybe he wasn't allowed to.


Hello Grumps! The outcome of the event could've been worse than it was. I'm in no way diminishing your pain or disappointment for what you were looking forward to as you are now on the injured reserve list. I'm just happy it wasn't more serious.

Dogs will be dogs.....yeah I know, it's easy for me to say as I'm not the one hurting. Sometimes their instincts just gets their energy to run wild. We can think about it, rationalize, and then attempt a conclusion but our furry friends just do what what they need to do in the moment.

Give her a hug and some extra lovin'. She didn't mean it and i have to believe if she wanted to hurt you, the outcome would've really bad and bloody. Hell, I look like I've been splurging on some heroin with the scars on my left arm from the semi-feral kitty we saved 13 months ago. He (Scooter) is learning. It takes time, patience and a lot of careful "watchfullness".

Peace and love (as Ringo would say)to you and the family. Feel better soon!


I've only got one dog (wife won't let us get another, because "it'll be too hard to get someone to watch them when we go on trips" - and we will not put them in a kennel).

But I couldn't live without him, truly. Without my dog, I would not be a fun person to be around.


dogs are the only place on earth where unconditional love truly exists.


Our lovely dog bella was the cause of me selling the best Gretsch I've had. She's a sweet natured pit, strong as hell. Had a problem with her ears ... would shake her head with great force. My left arm got tweaked hard more than a few times as I walked her. Hurt like hell. Bothered me for at least a year. During that time I acquired a beauteous Gretsch Country Club. Then quickly realized I could not play it without pain. 17", somewhat deep body plus the long scale did it. Finally gave up and traded it.

Can't say I was happy about that, but I love Bella no less ... chalk it up to bad timing. Someday she'll be gone and I'll miss her a lot more than I miss the Country Club.


I like dogs. Dogs are good people. They’re so earnest and sincere and intend to be helpful. We’ve had several, one a great dog-of-a-lifetime - more my wife’s than mine, but a trusty companion to all.

I had to take him to vet for his final ride because she couldn’t bear to do it. I’d just as soon not have to do that again.

I’m just too selfish for a dog. They deserve better than me.


DOG is the reflection of GOD.

What did we ever do to deserve them?


My newest buddy is a 35 lb. 15 week old Great Pyrenees pup named Yoki.

While playing on the floor a few days ago, he got his paw stuck in the wrought iron leg of a coffee table in our living room. He was freaking out and screaming like he was being killed and in an effort to get him free before he really hurt himself (it took me and my daughter to do it), he (as most animals will when in pain or feeling threatened) lashed out at me and ripped the top of my right hand open like a razor would. Once he was out and aware that he indeed was not dying, he felt so bad about my injury that he moped around the house for the rest of the day and all of the next.

I was not happy about the injury and it was surreal to see him with my blood on his face but I know he was following what his dna told him to do, and now we're back to the relationship we had before and all is forgiven.

Love my dogs.


My wife found Toto (our great dog) when he wandered onto the property as a lost pup. A little terrier - looked much like his namesake in the movie.

We hadn't had him for long when he wandered off and was hit by a car. We found him at the foot of the basement stairs, where he'd crawled to dragging his fractured hip. We had him fixed up, of course, cleaning up after him as he dragged around, limping.

A couple of years later, when he had fully healed, I broke my ankle. When I got home from the hospital and he saw me on crutches (yeah, well, probably when he smelled the disinfectant on my leg), he whimpered and slightly lifted his once-broken leg, and limped around favoring it till I was fully functional again. Up to that time he'd been mostly my wife's dog. But we bonded then.

I was pretty much laid up for a month or so, stuck in a bedroom except for crutch excursions for the necessaries. My wife took to going down the other hallway to the kitchen so I wouldn't hear her and ask for something. (My wife is a lot of great things; a nurse is not among them.) Toto, however, stayed with me all the time.


Have three, my cousin gave me a sign years ago that still adorns my gate ,which sums up my mutts. "Caution, one old dog, one young dog and one stupid dog at play" !


My wife brought home a baby Corgi 8 months ago. She wanted our 12 1/2 year old Corgi to make him as good of a dog as she has been. We said goodbye to Luilee last week, and it has been nice having Tuffy around to cheer us up and remind us of her. Although I find myself constantly pulling things I cherish out of his shark-toothed mouth, I love the little guy.

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