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Does anyone still have a “Hi Fi” home Stereo system you use to list…


Not anymore. Pioneer micro set these days. It's not very loud but the audio quality is good. If I want loud, I'll go to the rehearsal room and fire up the PA.


I used to receive the Crutchfield catalog back in the 80's thru snail mail and drool over all the cool stereo gear that I couldnt afford.



Yes, I reinstalled my Nad Receiver in my study, with my Dual 1019 recordplayer. I use the recordchangers all the time to stack 5 or so records at a time, also 45’s. In our livingroom the former owner had a nice cabinet Made that I also fitted with a small NAD AMP and a dual 1219 record player. On top are 2 old fashioned speakers.


I recently picked up a fully functional pair of jbl 4311's in a salvation army for $20....super score!...


For micro sets, you also can't beat Yamaha. Their latest stuff looks great and comes with very useable speakers.

Corksniffers may diss the Yamaha but that is total nonsense. The materials are audiophile quality. The expensive AS 1100 is a tube circuit translated to FET. The preamp and poweramp can be used seperately and the power amp section is dual mono.

Not sure if refoaming my speakers is the solution. The spiders seem to hang at an angle. Almost uncorrectable with foam. And the filter needs a recap.


How is your computer connected to your hi-fi, Dave?

I bought a DAC for digital streaming and playing from my MacBook and it sounds so much better than the built-in converters. DAC, CD-Player, turntable... Everything goes to a trusty Pioneer receiver and a pair of vintage Alnico Telefunken speakers. Sounds great.

– sascha

I had a setup like this in 2014 with USB from the Mac going into an MAudio D/A A/D converter with audio going to a Fisher 400 25w/chan tube receiver feeding a pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers and a 100w Paragon powered subwoofer. Also had a Music Hall turntable for my LPs. Sound of this system was so velvety smooth I could literally listen to streaming audio all day and watch video in hi-fi all evening every day with no ear fatigue. The tubes amp with its huge transformers really did a great job of sweetening the digital origin of the sound. That rig got boxed for a move and I didn't hook up a stereo hifi until 2017. Then I bought a Dual 510 turntable with an Empire cartridge, and new TEAC CD player with a USB port for streaming devices like iPhone. My Fisher amp is in the shop for servicing so I bought an 80s Yamaha receiver for only $25 to substitute and it sounds fabulous. There are lots of great stereo components out there for sale used. Definitely vintage is my choice in hifi!

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