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Does anyone still have a “Hi Fi” home Stereo system you use to list…


I have to admit it....for probably the last 15 years my Stereo system was packed away in boxes...when vinyl was supplanted by CD's most of my LP's went into the basement (eventually most were sold off). Then most of my listening sessions happened via the Car CD player (and, I had nice ones!) but the wife factor and the fact that it wasn't being used eventually put my Stereo system into the basement with the vinyl.

Well...life situations change, and now I don't drive to work...so, I no longer listen in the car. I also now have a dedicated guitar / computer / music room........................soooooooooo....

I pulled out my old Mirage Omni250 Tower Speakers, got a new belt for the Techniques turntable (and, a new stylus), hooked up an unused BluRay player for spinning CD's, got out the Pioneer Reel-to-Reel, hooked up the Onkyo Cassette deck and...due to water damage...bought a new Pioneer Elite SX-N30 Network Receiver.

Now, I am happily listening to music again! Sometimes I spin some vinyl, I listened to a few old reel-to-reel tapes I had made back in the day, tried a Cassette of a live show (and, the player immediately "ate" it)....but, most of my source material comes from my Computer...I previously ripped all of my CD's to the hard drive, and I've got a few of those HD and FLAC music files (those sound really good!).

But, now I have the bug to upgrade...lol. I've got some things in mind, but am still "researching". I will stay 2-Channel (no surround sound) but I definitely want a better CD / SACD player (gosh, those have gotten EXPENSIVE!). And, I may get a new Receiver or Integrated Amp, and I'm thinking about a new Cartridge / Stylus for the turntable (although my Techniques limits me to P-Mount cartridges)....while I do not consider myself an "audiophile", I do like "good" sound and I can (unfortunately) tell when something sounds bad...so, we'll see how things progress (I've already got the "guitar GAS" rabbit hole that I'm in...I don't need a new additional "rabbit hole" to travel through!)

So....how many of you still have a home stereo system that you use for music listening? I'd love to hear about your set-ups!


Short answer: Yes! And tube monoblocks coming in (I hope). How they'll work in my minimalist'ish set-up, who knows?

More later


Mine is packed up since relocating, ...we hopefully will only be Renting a short while longer.

ADS Speakers, Technics Direct Drive Turntable, Sony Power Amplifier/Tuner, Sony CD player, Sankyo Cassette Deck (replaced the Sony that finally stopped a couple years ago), and a Realistic Stereo 10-band EQ.

I love it. The speakers are from 1975 or so, as is the EQ. The Technics Turntable probably early 80's? The Sony Amp 90's? The Sony CD is ≤10 yo. The Sankyo is 80's, found it used on the internet for $35...great deal!

We have BOSE shelf unit, too. Mid-90's, that sounds great with the CD player.


Even though I’ve set up the front porch and pool with Sonos speakers, just about every room in my house has an old receiver and speakers. Even the garage and shop. Marantz, Kyocera, Hitachi Class G, Polk, Advent, etc. I’m a sucker for 70’s HiFi.


I'm seriously old school. Pioneer amp, CD player, turntable, and both Altec A-4-500 Voice of the Theater speakers and Klipsch Cornwall speakers. I need to replace the amp, and it looks like I'm getting a 2X25 watt Monoprice tube amp---more than enough to drive efficient speakers. I can use my Mackie PA rig as a stereo as well. Stereo gear is the first thing I bought when I got out of the service 45 years ago. I've been around old time sound gear all of my life. Built my own Heathkit gear. We had a crank up Victrola for 78s when I was a kid, along with a mono hi-fi. I'm far from impressed with tiny, tinny Bluetooth toys.


I used to be all eaten up w/ tube hi fi mono and stereo... Dynaco, Scott, all that stuff. The big furniture tube console also cool. 70s and especially 80s Japanese hi fi quite good also!


I have a Yamaha system - tuner, dual cassette unit and CD player. I also have a Thorens turntable and bookshelf Mission British speakers. Hell of a great sound! It's hooked up to my computer so anything I play through the system or online sounds magnificent!


I have a Yamaha system - tuner, dual cassette unit and CD player. I also have a Thorens turntable and bookshelf Mission British speakers. Hell of a great sound! It's hooked up to my computer so anything I play through the system or online sounds magnificent!

– Windsordave

How is your computer connected to your hi-fi, Dave?

I bought a DAC for digital streaming and playing from my MacBook and it sounds so much better than the built-in converters. DAC, CD-Player, turntable... Everything goes to a trusty Pioneer receiver and a pair of vintage Alnico Telefunken speakers. Sounds great.


I still have my 60,s turntable furniture. Hasent blown up yet. Old scratchy albums. Rack mounted newfangle radio shack rack system that powers the speakers in my barn that i removed from the eagles stadium in update....before they blew it up. And one super hi teck panasonic tape/cd player. Woo hoo!


I have a couple of systems at home, but my wife won't let me listen loud enough to enjoy it. I do most of my listening in the car or at the studio.


In my basement "Media " room, I have Technics receiver, dual cassette player, 5-cd changer, Gradiente direct-drive turntable,VHS , DVD, and TV running out of Technics tower speakers. The bedroom has a late 80's JVC receiver into Jamo 3-way speakers. The office has cassette and a USB port turntable hooked up to my desktop computer to get vinyl and tape put on CD's. The flat screen TV is hooked up to Alesis studio monitors (a stupid deal of the day a few years ago on MF). Sad to the say, the system that gets used the most is the computer with desktop speakers and sub.


I have a couple of systems at home, but my wife won't let me listen loud enough to enjoy it. I do most of my listening in the car or at the studio.

– Billy Zoom

New wife is in order..

Seriously though I guess I mostly use my Tannoy nearfield moniters that I use for recording. They're powered by an old 75 watt crown stereo amp and a board. Kind of old school but not a hifi. i did have a bunch of different tube hifis going through some big paradigms at one point. Nice sounding. But I don't currently have a dedicated hifi amp.


I plug my computer into a 1962 Scott LK48 amp and a pair of JBL 4301b speakers that I’ve had since 1985. When I infrequently play vinyl I use my Technics turntable from 1985. Works for me...


I still have my late '70s Sony STR-6800 receiver, Sony PS-X6 turntable and West German-made Canton LE600 speakers. It's a great sounding setup. Even though I've got about 12 feet of record albums in a double shelf record cabinet, I still buy albums occasionally from eBay.


YES, and I use it almost daily. Sony (high end, but don't remember the model number) receiver and Sony CD player, Boston speakers. Turntable is stored for the time being -- CD's sound wonderful to my ears.


Not to derail the thread, but I've always shuddered when I hear people pronounce 'Technics' as tek-neeks. It's a matter of phonics. I have always pronounced it as tek-nix, except when I attend pic-neeks. Hopefully, I'm not being too technical.


How to pronounce "Technics" with a Boston accent?


Where is Elmer Fudd when you need him...?


Tawm Brady is wicked smaht in the pawket.


Speaking of Technics, last year I bought an identical Technics amplifier to the one I had all through high school. Unfortunately I don't spend enough time at home to get a lot of use out of it. Can't use it while the wife is watching her politics shows!


the set-up I have in my bedroom is a old Sony combo turntable/amp with a mic/headphones 1/4 inputs.It's 20watts thru a pair of 10 in. 2way Sony speakers. I mostly use it for playing late into the night with headphones. I have some Neal Young and Emmie lou harris vinals that I enjoy. My tele does'nt do to bad thru it either, but I have to keep the volume low. lm.


Vinyl was in its death throes when I was a kid, and I don't think I ever owned a record. I think I only ever bought a couple of cassettes before the CD era.

A few months ago I bought my first turntable (very much entry level) and a decent pair of powered speakers for my wife so she could play her mother's old records, and I have to admit, it does sound kind of nice even on a very rudimentary setup compared to the compressed digital music I usually listen to. That said, I can't for the life of me imagine spending more than a few hundred dollars on a stereo setup. but I do understand why others might feel differently.


still (and always) rockin the ns10-m's...thru dedicated power amp

ala- ardent studio



NAD amp I've had for over 20 years, Acoustic Research beltdrive turntable, either Tannoy floorstand or Rogers standmount speakers (I change them about every few months). CD player at the moment is a Yamaha -- it's OK and, like just about everything from Yamaha, it works!


Mostly 80’s vintage Kyocera components -transistor. Dual turntable, Sony tape deck and Boston Acoustics speakers with passive subwoofer. Purchased this stuff 86-92 at a high end shop that is still in business and does repairs in-house. Next stop is MacIntosh.

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