Miscellaneous Rumbles

Doc took me out of the sling Friday!


And am I glad, I was in it for a month. He put in 1 anchor in and had to repair 3 tears. Therapy starts this week.


The therapy hurts but it'll get you as mobile as you can be.

Here's hoping for a swift and complete recovery, fb!


Great news, FB! You will likely have to exercise some patience and take lots of deep breaths during your therapy process. But hang in there...


Good to hear,mend well FB.


Great news Farmerbrown, I'm happy to know that you're heading. Best wishes for your full recovery.


Slow and steady wins the race.


Great news Don! Just be patient and don't set yourself back by thinking you can go faster or further than your therapist & Doc want you to. The right speed for your therapy is always the best advice and they know best. You'll recover quickly I'm sure.


Great news, FB! Here's to a swift and full recovery!


Great news, Don. You will come to understand that "therapist" is a compound word composed from "the" and "rapist."


I have my therapy appt . on Thursday, wish me luck!


Had my first therapy on Thursday and survived, already easier to move further, may try sitting and playing guitar some this week.

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