Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Would Duane play one of these ?


The previous week , we had Alfie Boe , on the Paul O'Grady show . Talking about seeing Duane and his stetson. - Then last week Paul had Seasick Steve, playing an instrument , that was half washboard, half Guitar . I wonder if Duane would get a ' twang ' out of one !


Someone was discussing Duane and Alfie doing a record together. That would be interesting. As far as Steve's one string thing, I think we should leave that to him, don't you?


OK Deed have got the message on Steve's one string thing ! - But you have engendered ripples of excitement in our household tonight . - With any prospect of Duane and Alfie , recording something together ! - We already knew that Alfie holds Duane in high esteem. In point of fact he is also mentioned in Alfie's book ! - What a dynamic duo that would be. - So many wonderful songs spring to mind , that could benefit from their magical treatment . - I believe Alfie lives , at least part of the time in America. ----- Could I ask very respectfully is there a way to get the ball rolling ?

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