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Desert Island Discs


I posted this tonight on the BookFace... then I thought it's probably more suitably posted here.

A new game, based on the BBC's "Desert Island Discs" ...

You get to take 8 records to your desert island. They must be actual SINGLES (no LPs). And part 2: of the eight, name the one favored record you would most want to save if the other seven were lost. GO.

My 8...

  1. Be-Bop-a-Lula/Woman Love - Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps
  2. Hey Jude/Revolution - Beatles
  3. Rock This Town/You Can’t Hurry Love - Stray Cats
  4. Whiter Shade of Pale/Homburg - Procol Harum
  5. Minor Swing - Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grapelli/Quintet of the Hot Club of France (78 rpm)
  6. Lovesick Blues - Hank Williams (78 rpm)
  7. Ménilmontant - Charles Trenet (78 rpm)
  8. West End Blues - Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five (78 rpm)

I saved the best for last.


I think the general idea of Desert Island Discs, being a purely hypothetical game, is that you get eight pieces of music, so individual album tracks are OK but both sides of a single disc -- ie. two tunes for the price of one -- are not. Of course if we've adapted things for a GDP variation of DID, then all well and good.

  1. Begin The Beguine, Ella Fitzgerald.

  2. Vise d'arte (Tosca), Maria Callas.

  3. How Long Have It Been Since You've Been Home, Lightnin' Hopkins.

  4. Serutan Yob, Red Ingle and The Unnatural Seven.

  5. Take The 'A' Train, Duke Ellington Orchestra.

  6. Nuages, Django Reinhardt.

  7. Blind Willie McTell, Bob Dylan.

  8. It Makes No Difference, The Band.

If I could take only one it would be Lightnin' Hopkins. The first six of my eight haven't changed in years (one has to be prepared for a phone call from the BBC!) but the last two change constantly, fickle little devil that I am.


i don't think i can come up with 8...most of the music i love is on albums, by bands who seldom released singles. ennyweh...not ranked.

  1. CSNY "Ohio" b/w "Find The Cost Of Freedom"
  2. The Fall, "No Bulbs" (12")
  3. Sex Pistols "Anarchy In The UK"
  4. Beach Boys, "Heroes and Villains"
  5. Jefferson Airplane, "Twilight Double Leader" b/w "Trial By Fire"
  6. Beatles, "Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane"
  7. Rolling Stones, "Jumpin' Jack Flash."
  8. the Mekons, "This Funeral Is For The Wrong Corpse."

if i only get one, The Fall.

  1. Twenty Flight Rock -Eddie Cochran (The original version recorded for “The Girl Can’t Help It” and released on the UK London label).

  2. True Fine Mama - Little Richard

  3. It Keeps Raining - Fats Domino

  4. Space Rabbits, Go! - The Wheelgrinders ( A bit conceited including a record by my own band...but, hey...I’m on a desert island so I make the rules).

  5. Take Your Hands Off Me Baby - Buddy Howard

  6. The Lonely One - Duane Eddy ( My favorite Duane Eddy track and pretty apropo for a desert island).

  7. I Love How You Love Me - The Paris Sisters ( Schmaltzy, but always been a guilty pleasure).

  8. There She Goes - The La’s (Big departure from all the other songs but this one always reminds me of my wife).

I think I’d have to have number 8 if I could only have one. I know all the others by heart so I’d sing them myself

I always wondered where the electricity is coming from to fire up a record player on this desert island. Maybe it’s a gramophone...in which case I wouldn’t be able to play 45s or albums, except at 78rpm. Oh well...better get started on lighting a signal fire.


runners-up: The Smiths, "How Soon Is Now?" The Sundays, "Here's Where The Story Ends" My Bloody Valentine, "You Made Me Realise" (EP)


I've never been a singles guy. I've only ever owned maybe eight in my whole life, and those were gifts rather than anything I chose for myself --- though there are some good ones: Beatles, Stones, Yardbirds.

If I can't take full albums to the Desert Island, I ain't going!


Sorry to hem you in, Parabar, but go ahead if you want to bend the rules. I just thought the singles aspect made it more challenging and more fun.

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