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pickguard for 6119


hey folks:

as most of you know, I own a 2006-ish well, I'd like to replace the pick-guard with a classy black one. But the only website I found that sells pickguards is here and they're super explicit to only buy the guard that goes with the specific model...but alas, there is no post fender 6119. I presume it's the same type of guard as a 6120, because the specs are pretty similar?

I just don't wanna blow some cash.


Contact GDP member Setzer. He will make whatever you want.


Yeah, paul is gonna make me one, but he's super backed up, so i was gonna grab one in the interim.


He just made me a single p/u gold one for a project that didn't work out... my bad.

Available cheap to a good home..only thing is we drilled a hole for a pickguard mounted volume control which is sort of the obsession OCD volume tweakers like me have.


oh, nice! i actually might like that for my old school new a pic?

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