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Depp/Burton strike again!


Never seen the original but the trailer is great.


Man I remember the show from the sixties. We used to skip to watch it once a week when one of my friends parents were not at home.

This might be good!


i remember watching it as a kid too, and being unexplainably hooked!

Die-hard fans of the original may find the Depp/Burton take too flip, but the show had a sly , mocking camp edge to it anyway -- and what better platform and team to take down the current vampire/Twighlight craze (and all of its clones)a notch or two?


I'm looking forward to this film. I'm a fan of their work.



I was a fan when I was young as well. There was a certain feel to the show. Crazy, right?


Barnabas Collins is a cool character, but that show was ripe for this type of treatment. I'm actually excited.


Okay, I'll take the bait and be the first to lament the upcoming Depp/Burton collaboration. I like both people, a lot, but some of their works are, in my opinion, terrible. Charley, Alice and now this...what happened to the creativity that was Edward and Sleepy? This camp take on Barnabus Collins seems on the lowest level, like that of putting the Brady kids and The Three Stooges in modern times, instead of their own era. Could the new movie be amusing? Of course it might be, but again, we wouldn't want a camp movie like the upcoming E.A. Poe movie with John Cusack to be "funny." Again, I like these two cats, Depp/Burton, but I do not look forward to this movie, but I'll pay...



Barnabas, Quentin, Angelique and the rest. I used to race home from school to watch. This could be fun!


Yep, I saw that last week, it looks very funny, although I'm no fan of Burton's particular "vision" at all. Johnny Depp is always funny. Watched him in Rum Diaries last month....very funny.

Recall watching DS in the 80s in re-runs, then the re-launch around 1990, along with a new mini-series with the classic characters.

Looking forward to this, along with the new 3 Stooges film in May.

Hey Bear, somewhere I've got the 45 of "Quentin's Theme" b/w a little ditty named after that bar they used to always visit (brain fart, can't think of the name).


Movie was alright...a B at best

The Dark Shadows looks interesting, but not compelling.

Same with the new Spider Man...although the new Spider logo will look great on a shirt.

But SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN? Snow White is way uglier (the girl from Twilight movies) than the evil witch (Charlize Theron, who is peanuts and corn hot in this movie). Effects look good but I can't get over that plain jane being Snow White.



My mom was nuts for those old shows. She was another one who'd book it home from school so she could watch it.



Hunger Games: I hear there's a pretty heavy political/social component to this movie? If you're paying attention anyway? In other words, it's not just about the "game", but has a very "Atlas Shrugged/Ayn Rand" slant to it? (ala all-powerful govt, etc)

And no- I'm not trying to turn this thread politcal, just wondering about the movie.


You can read politics into anything.


The government forces people to kill each other in punishment for a past revolt.

The movie sucks at explaining this, therefore has a HUGE hole in the development of the story and characters.

Hence the B. It's basically TWILIGHT without vampires and the sulky girl, for those who want their murderous teenagers to have a moral reason.


Jeff, the movie actually makes the whole Hunger Games scenario seem marginally more plausible than the books do. Mostly by just glossing over the whole thing. In both of them, it's a big ball of "that don't make no sense" right in the center of the whole plot.

And yeah, I read the books. So what.


I didn't read the books, but heard you could read all three in a weekend. That's not going to prompt me to read them, but good to know that the books didn't really fill the void I felt with the movie.


And if you read TWILIGHT, you'd probably get some shite. I think the Harry Potter series probably fell between the 2. I haven't read any of them.


Looks pretty bad. I enjoyed the original show, but don't like where this one is taking it at all. Loved Ed Wood though.


I read Harry Potter and saw the movies. I did not read Twilight, but have seen the movies...my wife read it. Potter trumps Twilight anyday. Classic good vs. evil... right vs wrong. A story that never gets old.

IMO, HP is the greatest story ever told... including Lord of the Rings. Altho LOTR is a close 2nd.

My wife read hunger games, and wants to see the movie, but I'll wait for Netflix.

Back to Depp, usually love his stuff, but Rum Diaries only got a C from me. Slow moving, very little plot, all the laughs are in the trailers. Hot chick tho.

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