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De Humidifier


Im in serious need to put a Dehumidifier in my music room, th temperature changes are ridiculous , Im worried about my Guitars, a couple are really out of tune I need to protect them bettrer witht he cooler weather coming up,...

Any Suggestions would be appreciated,

Thanks, Karl


Karl - It's been raining a lot here over the last few weeks (NYC area) so the humidity has risen. The air conditioning in my house however keeps it in check. So, no need for a dehumidifier in my guitar room. While I have a Soleus dehumidifier in my un-finished (un-air conditioned) basement that's been working for years without a problem, other brands also seem to get good ratings on Amazon.

However, my question - for the winter months (in Vermont?) you will likely need to humidify the room, not dehumidify. Is that what you meant? For that I've been using a Boneco/Air-O-Swiss unit in my guitar room, only needed in the winter months. It's been working well for quite a while.


Actually Ct Now, not much difference, but Yes I should have said humidifier, Thank You

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