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Dart Boards - Electronic or Traditional?


I like archery and other hobbies or sports that take skill and a challenge. Actually guitar fits the bill too. Just for fun I want to play darts on my free time.

I’m not going to spend a lot, yes I know that’s subjective but I’m not wanting to get an expensive board.

Would you suggest an electronic dart board or a traditional. I’m sure some here play darts.



TRADITION! Steel points only. I learned to throw darts in a British pub. None of that plastic nonsense for me. Learned how to tally a score on a blackboard as well.


NODOR bristle board. You can pick up a board and some nice tungsten darts for under a hundred bucks. I still have the board and darts I bought over 30 years ago.

I just love me a good game of cricket.


With a large group of people, electronic. Lots of games and automatic scoring. had 7 Medalist boards when I had a Tavern, now we have 2 in our Elks lodge. Takes as much skill as a traditional board IMO. I have played both and there exists a time and place for both.


Though I much prefer a traditional board and darts but if you just want to through some darts around for fun, don't want too much hassle and you want to keep the costs low, an electronic set could do fine.

Most electronic boards have the option to play against a virtual opponent or other fun game modes.

If you want to play against other people, play in a pub or join a club, get a traditional set.


Analog v. Digital. Tube v. Solid state. Nitro v. Poly. Now, Bristol v. Plastic.


I've never been serious about it, but I go for traditional when outside and then electronic when indoor.

Electronic for sure if drinks are involved.


Main problem with the electronic boards is that you can bounce a dart off if you don't accurately hit a hole. The good part of electronic boards is that you won't perforate the wall if you miss the board.


My old tavern 35 years ago, you can just make out two of the Medalist boards in the back. Now I ask you, would YOU want steel darts here? GRIN!


I prefer a good Winmau board.

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