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Creator of I❤️NY has passed


Milton Glaser, creator of I❤️NY has passed aged 91.

One of the most iconic and copied slogans of the 20th century and he didn’t even get paid for the original.


But he knew how long it lasted...

In some ways similar to the London Underground Map influence by Henry Charles Beck.


He also created the iconic Bob Dylan poster of the silhouette with the rainbow hair.


I heart the Dylan poster more than the (literally) icon-ic(ized) marketing meme, without which (and its exponentially proliferating progeny from the early brain-dead substitute-your-noun copies to the later ironic references) my life would be not one scintilla poorer.


You call it a meme, and in these meme-ridden days I’m apt to agree, but in ‘77 it was just a marketing slogan to help increase tourism. He offered it up free of charge and came up with it while riding in a taxi cab and described it as a “nothing of an idea’.

A simple combination of text and iconography that even now, 40+ years later, is still influencing countless marketing campaigns around the world.


Yessir. We were living in New Jersey at the time, and sometimes went into NY on weekends, just because it was there. I remember the campaign. It was perfectly innocuous at the time, and I didn't give it a cynical second thought. But I seem to remember some movie (or maybe TV show) where a protagonist was dumbstruckenly appalled at what he considered the inanity of the slogan (I seem to remember he saw it on towels or underwear), and I haven't been able to see the slogan since without thinking of that funny bit.

Now I can't find any reference to the sequence on the innernets. I'm pretty sure I neither imagined nor dreamed it.

Milton Glaser was a fine graphic designer, marketer, and influencer of influencers, with a great eye for typography (who concocted a few fonts of his own), and I meant no disrepect to either him or his cannily simple hearted construction. I have no idea how he knew (or did he?) that it would be irresistibly irresistible to millions, and remain so for decades.

Apparently to intuit such things is yet another mark of genius which has left me unmarked.

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