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Crazy” The movie about Hank Garland



Hello fellow Gretsch players. My name is David and I hail from North Carolina. I just picked up my second Gretsch: 2009 6129 Gold Sparkle Jet. Very, very pleased with tone and playability and being a fan of Les Paul Gold Tops I was looking for a strong alternative.

My concern is the guitar has a three piece back! Even the headstock has tiny, irregular pieces of wood added on (not symetrical like other builders.) The guitar reminds me of a butcher block to be frank.

Also, it comes in at 8 lbs, 1.2 ounces. Lighter than my Les Pauls which I am thrilled about, but I've read that Jets should weigh in at around 7 lbs.

Thoughts, comments?


My 6128T DSV Jet is a 2 piece mahogany back - the originals were one piece - unless they were painted (jet firebird etc...) where 2 or 3 piece backs could be hidden. My jet's neck is one piece mahogany - can you post a pic?

I'd expect to see that on a $200 Squier but not a top line Gretsch. It's something I don't agree on at all, considering how much we're paying.


After reading this, I took another look at my 2006 Pearl Jet.

2 Piece back - 1 Piece Neck

EDIT - after closer inspection, the back on my pearl jet is 3 piece.


Mine has a three piece back. The tips on the headstock are also added wood.

It's getting harder to find good and large enough pieces of mahogany.

It's all on the back so it doesn't bother me too much, the build quality and the rest of the guitar is perfect.


mine is a plain 2 piece no extra fancy wood workings,it all looks very smooth (95 gold sparkle)


I'm confused, unless there's some mixup...I don't see what the movie Crazy has to do with this thread?

In other news, Waylon Payne...the star of Crazy was a grade ahead of me in my 350 person high school. And Steve Vai as Hank Williams was great.

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