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Post Cool Photos of Your Band in Action (Past, Present, Future)


Just for the heck of it, and so we can see you do what you do, post cool photos of your of band in action. These can be current band photos, former band photos, and future band photos ( if you have the ability).

Here are some of my current band, Kings of Marigold . . .


And another . . .


And the most recent . . .


Ok here's one from our last gig


Well here's Cataclysmic Imagery in 1973 for a high school Battle of the Bands (we didn't win). On the other hand, we are winners because I played with one of these guys a couple months ago, and am still in touch with both of them. I'll let you figure out which one is me.


And this was last weekend with Aileen Quinn and the Leapin' Lizards.


Super-cool, Andreas and Frank! Plus 1 to Frank for trying to sneak an old photo of America past us . . .


You've got one rockin' outfit, there, Dave . . . even as an acoustic duo.


Thanks, Andy! Backatcha!


“Distance To The Sun”

Live at “The Vet’s Club”

Edit: this is a “future pic”


Built For Speed @ EnergiMølla, Kongsberg (Norway), back in 2008. Support gig for Robert Gordon with Marco diMaggio's band.


My other band, the Hard Rollin' Daddies, backing Pep Torres @ Feelgood, Halden (also Norway) in 2012.


My band, Getty Township. Photo was taken about three years ago at a barbecue joint called Cutter's Smokehouse. It has been closed now for about two years.


heres one


Great pix, guys!

Dig your Punk upbringing, John!


As we don't have many good photo's of our band, can i post a video?


How do you guys post pics on here since the photobucket debacle?


How do you guys post pics on here since the photobucket debacle?

– WB

There's the little yellow camera icon below on this site. Just choose the file from your computer and upload. Note: You need to type at least one digit in the post to make it work. Only one pic per post. If it's from the internet simply copy and paste the pic's URL.

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